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I’ve created several different site navigation buttons using GIMP which I’ve posted below. There are two different variations of navigation buttons below: my own, and Grunn’s. Feel free to copy any of these images for use in your own Obsidian Portal sites. If you don’t know how to do this, simply right click on the image and then hit “Save image as…” and then save the image to your computer (remember which file you saved the images in). To upload the picture for use on your site, simply use the handy picture upload feature on the Textile toolbar: click the “Picture” icon and a Media Window should appear. Select “Browse” in the media window, then choose the system file wherein you have saved the button image, select that image and then hit “upload” on the Media Window. The image should now appear in the Media Window. Click on the new image, select the “center” alignment option, and then select “Insert”. The Obsidian Portal url for the new image should now appear, along with its corresponding Textile formatting. To turn this image into a button that will link either with your home page, or to the previous section, enclose the imported image code in quotation marks (””), followed by a colon (:), and then the url of your homepage (or previous section). The result should look something like the following:


Now Simply copy and paste this “home” embedded and linked image to all of your wiki pages (except your home page of course), copy and paste the “back” image to all wiki pages that you want to link back to another page (or, if you are using Grunn’s “Site Index” system, then copy the url to your “Site Index” page to the corresponding embedded image, and dido for the “Recaps Main” url/image).

Home buttons

Home alternate

Home alternate 2

Home alternate 3

Back buttons

Back alternate

Back alternate 2

Back alternate 3

Site index and recaps main buttons

Site index 1

Recaps main 1

Site index 2

Recaps main 2



Navigation Buttons

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