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You can find a Guide to Darkmoon Vale, and several modules taking place therein, as well as many other great products at Paizo (follow link below).


In addition, I am grateful to Kim Taylor for graciously allowing me to use his stunning piece of art, “Forest Glade”, as the image for my campaign site banner. Kim Taylor is an amazingly talented artist whose work I would encourage you to check out for yourself. You can find more of Kim’s wonderful art by following the link below:

Kim taylor

I’d also like to thank those wonderful people over at Pathfinder who have not only managed to save D&D 3.5e from certain death, but have managed to breathe new life into the system. The many gamers out there still loyal to 3.5 owe you all a debt of gratitude. You can check out their suburb line up of products below:

Pathfinder rpg logo left

There are also a number of people whom I would like to thank for contributing to this site in various ways. First, thanks to Micah and the other administrators of this site for introducing the Obsidian Portal to the Gaming World. I can tell you that it has been an invaluable aid to myself and my fellow players, and I’m sure that others here at the Portal would heartily agree.

Second, thanks to Will, Chris and Craig for making this campaign a reality, and also for the contributions that each of you are making to this site. In particular, I’d like to thank Chris for the original artwork which he has contributed to this site. You can find both his and my own artwork on our site by clicking on the link below:

Campaign art gallery small

Third, thanks to the good people of the Cartographers Guild for helping me to make our campaign map of the Western Baronies (featured in the maps section). I could not have achieved this feat without the aid and advice of the Guild.

Cartoguild banner

Fourth, thanks to Onsilius for giving me the idea for “Prestige Points”, which was modeled after the house rules on karma in his Minrothad Campaign.

Banner minrothad3

Fifth, thanks to Chainsaw XIV for his totally unoficial, but “totally awesome” help and tips FAQ. I learned a good deal about basic HTML formatting from this FAQ. Below is a link to ready made HTML templates that Chainsaw has compiled on his site.

Sanction of the athar

Sixth, thanks to Grunn for his how to: custom wiki sidebar tutorial. While I have not used quite the same navigational system for this campaign site, my own system was nevertheless influenced by Grunn’s pioneering work. You can see Grunn’s wiki side-bar in action on his site at the link below.


Finally, I have been tremendously inspired by the talents of JimTriche, Gaaran, Duskreign, andSandman (among others). I am also very grateful for their friendship. You guys have really helped make the OP forums a welcoming community.




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