Zanaver's Journal 6

I need to work on building my defenses. This last battle was trying, and I’m not yet ready to simply give up or die young. I shall look for some more armor or magic items soon. Perhaps I need a cohort, and some followers. That would help speed up the process of becoming more powerful. But how do I choose? what do I really want? I think it would be a mistake to bring an underling into direct combat with me; it would be hard to keep him safe and perhaps make me easier to kill since I would no doubt need to defend him. Yes the best place for an “assistant” would be somewhere safe. Perhaps I shall seek a builder and a scholar, and someone to increase my battle prowess and knowledge all the same. I suppose I’ll share some with the party for now.

Yes I need to think of a good place to start my manor, and who to choose to be my assistants and followers. I’ve already many to choose from. Seems my name is far reaching already, and I get letters from random adventures seeking audience with Zanaver, of the Twilight guard. I will think on these matters and not act hastily.

I wonder how that Kobold Queen is doing. It’s been long while since we’ve returned to Drosker’s Crag. I hope no ill has befallen her. I know others detest me for my unbiased affection towards females but I see the good in them regardless of the outside appearance. While my desires are primal, that is not the only thing that matters to me. Being close in that manner is the only time I can reconnect to my human side. To be at peace for a moment, safe and secure. Yes, free from the toils of the day and my hunger for power..l to just be. No, I’m not picky, all women have something to share with me, and share with many I will. I care not if the others fail to understand. Nor am I ashamed of my behavior. If only they could find the peace I find in the arms of so many women. It is their folly for not following suite…



Zanaver's Journal 6

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