Zanaver's Journal 4

Upon our return to the fairgrounds it appears that the Carnival has taken on a whole new visage. Blood, gore and corpses are the theme of this new decor. Amazingly the people here seem not to notice or care about the carnage taking place around them. It’s just as Syntira foretold: they laugh and smile all the way to the grave. I must be wary, a foul omen surrounds this place!

The fireworks display seems to have been rigged by some evil frost fey. Wow, I’ve never seen it rain leaches! That’s some trick! I hope we have enough power to stop this cold rider. Looks like this is going to be hard. Gah, I can tell by the look in his eyes that Shrizyne’s got some new half baked idea going through his head. He is looking for fireworks or fire or oil or something. At this point I’d be more worried about keeping my head atop my own shoulders. I hope he doesn’t do anything that gets himself hurt.

I truly enjoy this dark speech I’ve learned. It’s so useful and fun. With it I easily put an evil sleigh ride to rest with a few choice utterances. Seems that some frosty fey was attempting to take children along for a “slay” ride, but he got what was coming to him. Now, if only I could learn more of these words I would be truly powerful. Still, I’m weary of their abysmal source. I shall not be made a slave to anyone, not even for power! Well I guess that it would take allot of power perhaps to bend my will to someone else…

Seems we found another companion to join our ranks. Somehow he seems unaffected by whatever has overcome the fairgoers. Judging by his build and cut, he is fighter of sorts, with a very big beat stick! He looks hearty enough, perhaps we’ve found a person to shield us from the brunt of the damage Huzzah!

Rotten stinking luck: I’ve been blinded. Some pissant fey managed to take my sight with her stunning figure. Never before have I felt so useless and vulnerable! Oh great! Now all of us are blind except for Shrizyne, lucky devil. We need to find a way to cure this or we will have to leave now. Wading into even the simplest battles would prove deadly at this point. Good thing I’ve got my pet homunculus Grista, he is a loyal servant and has keen sight. He shall lead us to safety while we send Shrizyne out to find aid. Perhaps the local Abby of Eridial has some healers on hand that may mend our ailments.

Bah I give up! I’ve been trying to set a defense with my earthen hands incantation but they simply don’t last long enough. I will have to just wait for an attacker to show themselves, i have Grista on alert, and with any luck i will down the person before they can attack.

Finally Shrizyne is back, and with help, though he’s secured divine aid from the clergy by bargaining away an unnamed favor to be called upon at a later time. So help me if it is too steep a price shall never pay it! If forced, i will end the life of this female cleric who seeks my recompense. I shall not be indebted unjustly, its the same as enslavement and i would sooner die than have either upon my head. We will see what becomes of this.

We are now all cured and ready to make haste back to the battle front. I shall be even more wary of our fey foes from now on. There is that sprite again. Blasted invisible bugger. It took me forever to unmask it. I wish the party could see the invisible. uckily I can, and in the future it will be “shoot first, and make visible only after death has set in”.

Oh no. There is that stupid fast fey again. He escaped us once already, taunting and flaunting that crystal he carries. But he will not escape again, taunting lil’ bugger. The cleric has just used a most powerful spell. Somehow he commanded the quick lil’ fey come to us no matter what it wanted. That spelled the end for him. We now have the crystal that Sytira said held the soul of Tessa, Quinn’s wife. After shattering it we will free the Fair’s ringleader from his oath to aid the dark fey. Whats this? He approaches, demanding his right to destroy the crystal. Well I’m not sure if he’s telling the truth or not but I shall attempt to destroy it myself quickly. Blasted it! It is immune to my dark speech. Well, never the less the crystal has been destroyed by the ring master and he has been freed, so we gain another ally in the fight against the Cold Rider.

At last the cold rider approaches. He is a sight to beheld, a mighty foe indeed. We would do well to be wary and lest we end up in the cold embrace of death. Ha! the blasted rider tried to cast a spell and I was waiting at the ready with a counter blast. Boy did it surprise him to be blasted in the face with fire while he was trying to cast. He seems to have given up on casting but I’m still waiting just in case, I know how quickly a spell can turn the tide of battle.

Wow the Cold Rider is very powerful! He’s nearly cleaved the fighter in two with one attack. I must go on the offensive and strike this enemy down before he kills off the party. What in the flames of Sorradadun is Shrizyne doing running around and shooting sticks at him?!? He seems to be missing nearly every shot, and he’s not an even an archer. I wish he’d use his talents and slice up this evil fey.

Ouch! Run away. I need to increase my defense before i try to do that again. I nearly died while attempting to wield my Glaive in combat against the rider. It looks like our fighter has dropped as well. This bodes ill for us, I shall fly like a pesky wasp, striking and flitting away from the cold riders range. I will not die. dDeath shall instead embrace the Cold Rider, I just hope it does so before the rest of the party succumbs to its siren cry.

We’ve Won the day! Yes I’m so glad that cleric is here, he truly is powerful He brought the fighter from the brink of death and kept the rest of us alive as well. While each of us had a hand in sending the Cold Rider to an icy grave, I had the glory of the killing blow. Every day my power grows and my name becomes ever more known amongst the people of the Northern Reaches.

What shall we do next? I suppose we should help with repairs and stuff. After all, I don’t want this village to fall. They favor me and the twilight Guard too much. With such favor, our names will spread and we will gain more power simply by the weight of our names. Hopefully we will actually gain prestige that befitting the valor of the Twilight Guard.



Zanaver's Journal 4

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