Zanaver's Journal 3

While trying to confront the Ring Leader of this Carnival a very strange thing occurred. A little fox seemingly possessed of intelligence came upon me. It held a sealed letter in its mouth. Wery strange indeed. There seems to be a strange symbol on the seal a red dragon or something… I’ll have to look into that later; perhaps it stands for something. On opening the letter I’m further amazed to find that the very fey we’ve been looking for, before this tiresome adventure ever begun, has sought an audience with us. The timing seems odd, almost planed. Perhaps she or one of her servants is watching us, and means to keep us from fighting this ring leader. I shall heed this warning and make post haste to the meeting place described in her letter.

Shrizyne refuses to come with me now. Earlier we battled a fell frost fey and he was stricken with some form of curse that slows his movement. He is set on finding a way to remove the curse before continuing on our quest (he is very stubborn about doing his own thing!). Very well, I shall head out on my own to the meeting place. I only hope that Shrizyne makes it there in time and finds a cure for his ailment. I cant’ believe I actually wish Edmund was back with us! At the very least he could cure Shrizyne of the curse that ails him, and I have a feeling that a good cleric will be very important in the battle that I fear is coming upon us. Course such trifles will ill matter little when in time I attain my own armies to command, muahaha!

I have made it to the meeting place3 described in the letter, a grove on the edge of the fair grounds. In twinkling of an eye the queen of the fey appears before me. She is naked and such a sight to behold. Though she seems regal in this state, sill my mind wanders along those curves. There seems to be another person here as well. He is clad in full plate and bears a flaming mace. He looks strong and healthy enough, and that scar on his face indicates that he’s seen battle or perhaps he was waylayed by bandits. Either way he’s survived with his life so there’s a plus. Still, he lacks the build of a warrior; wonder what he is? I also wonder as to the reason for his presence here. What does this Fey Queen Syntira request of us?

Upon finding that Shrizyne is not yet here the queen, although impatient, commands us to await his arrival before she announces the reason for her audience with us. Apparently she desires us all to be present to here what she has to say. I smell a trap. So help me if this thing starts to go south I’m going to make her pay! Oh, there’s my cocky companion; it’s about time he arrived! The stubborn Drow is always so proud! I foresee that vanity shorting his life by a good measure. Unless he learns to master himself he will find a bloody death.

Syntirra’S message is dire indeed. The Fey Queen says that the Cold witch or something is back and has been corrupting her fey. Apparently a “Cold Rider” or some-such has come forth and is using this fair as a means to kill the town off and gain power for the Witch Queen of the North. This is worse than expected. I don’t see any personal gain in thwarting the Cold Rider, other than keeping my own head, heh. Still, perhaps this is a great way to gain favor with the fey, and I’m in need of allies. Lord knows I’ll need them if I hope to amass any power and be a true force to be reckoned with.

Seems we found ourselves another cleric, too. At least that’s what the other guy claims to be (though he doesn’t seem to be a part of any clerical order that I’m familiar with). Thankfully he doesn’t appear to be a goody good like Edmund was, nor is he a cripple like our former companion. What’s more, he has the sense to wear heavy armor. He even had the sense to prepare a spell that capable of curing Shrizyne. Seems luck is on our side today! We’ve all agreed to return to the Fair and put an end to this madness.



Zanaver's Journal 3

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