Zanaver's Journal 1

10th Greenlea, 2,653

We set out from Falcon’s Hollow to sell some of our spoils. Turns out hard work does pay off. The magical aura’s that I knew to be present on certain items are now starting to show themselves. Finlay the feeling I had has developed. Using my new found ability I’ve been able to determine a few items we have are indeed magical. One of which I am now wearing.

During our travel to the city, we’ve come across a wonderful little Cottage called “The Splendid Puss”, (what a strange name) and continued towards the City. After a few miles we walked into an ambush: a few goblinoids. one rather burly and another seeming to be the leader clad in shining armor and wielding a banner.

Wasting no time they attacked. they outnumbered us and surprised us. even though we managed to heavily wound a few, they killed Edmund and then turned to me. As far as I knew we lost, for I was dropped in battle, yet some how did not die. I learned later it was Shrizyne’s quick thinking and actions that saved us. He managed to kill the leader and scare off the others. Then he treated my grievous wounds in the field. Apparently I had almost literally lost my head. When I awoke a few hrs later I was greeted by the sou-less stare of the goblinoids leaders head, mounted upon a crude stick. I also found out our friend Edmund had indeed lost his life in this battle.

I will not accept that loss. A loss that if I had been stronger or faster would never have happened. Needing no prodding from me. Shrizyne helped me carry Edmund back to the Inn we visited earlier (not wanting to wait in the field and be caught).

Upon arrival we talked with the people there and found out that the owner was actually a very powerful Wizard. Upon hearing our plight, and with a few of our items to barter, the kind Lady Teleported us to the Town so that we could resurrect our fallen friend.

Having found out that to resurrect our friend it would be a steep price, I came up with a plan to get us the money needed. I enticed a local shop dealer, making it seem as though I was looking for a certain magical item. In reality, I possess this item, though I have neither need nor want of it. With the help of Shrizyne, I managed to get the shop keeper to pay half price of the item that surely he would have not wanted to buy before. With the money. we managed to bring Edmund back from what lies beyond, though he does look a bit worse for wear. He may have lost some knowledge but seems otherwise unaffected. We must be more careful in the future.

11th Greenlea, 2,653

While in town we learned of a few bounties, one of which seemed to describe the goblinoids we encountered. So we bought some mounts, hired a couple of Merc’s (not wanting to be out numbered this time) and left to seek revenge.

Success! We managed to slay all of the Reavers, and turns out one of the Merc’s we hired is quite skilled, no doubt from his dwaren linage. I think I’ll keep him on retainer for future encounters.



Zanaver's Journal 1

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