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2653 a.s.


12/Gildgleam The council appointed by the Twilight Guard sign a new peace treaty with the fey of Darkmoon Vale. Count Atherlend, the regional Lord of the Western Baronies, sends militia to protect Falcon’s Hoolow while he conducts an investigation into the dealings of the Lumber Consortium. Shrizyne receives a summons from the council of Evlor’Edwin and departs for the Tindor Forest.
08/Gildgleam The Twilight Guard helps to fortify Falcon’s Hollow against Captain Glem’s impending attack. A fierce battle is fought between the town and the mercenaries hired by the Lumber Consortium. In the end the mercenaries are defeated and Captain Glem is forced to flea.
07/Gildgleam The party confiscate Lumber Consortium documents and learn that Kreed had sent in for reinforcements that ought to arrive in town at any day. They also learn that the Lumber Consortium is under the control of a mysterious figure known as Count Azuroal. The party then travels to Fort Adams to seek aid in defending the town. That night Sir Volkner approaches Captain Glem, the commander of the Lumber Consortium’s hired mercenaries and entreats him to stand down. When Glem refuses, a battle ensues. And after slaying some of Glem’s mercenaries, Sir Volkner and his men are forced to retreat.
06/Gildgleam The Twilight Guard travels back to town and, with the wolf meat gained from the previous night, holds a banquette within Falcon’s Hollow. With all the town present, the party attempts to convince the crowd that Syntira is innocent of Kreed’s accusations. Kreed interrupts the proceedings and insults the party. Sir Volkner charges Kreed with multiple crimes and attempts to place him under arrest. A battle breaks out and Kreed and Boss Teedum are slain. The party then declares the town to be free of the Lumber Consortium.
05/Gildgleam The Twilight Guard meet up with Syntira to forewarn her about the impending attack. They learn that the Nymph-Queen’s renegade sister Ambrosia is planning on staging an attack on the town with her army of fey. She offers them gifts to take back to town in the hopes that peace can be found.
04/Gildgleam Funerals are held for those slain in the Carnival. Kreed blames the Carnival attacks on Syntira and begins to mobilize the townsfolk to go to war against the fey. Meanwhile the party travels into Darkmoon Wood and slay a pack of wolves.
02/Gildgleam The Twilight Guard return to Falcon’s Hollow. There they meet with Sheriff Baleson who deputizes them as a special security unit and asks them to patrol the Carnival. While there the Twilight Guard brutally kill a Lumber Baron named Mutters Kondlan who was attempting to force himself upon an unwilling woman. They then head over to Kabron Bloodeye’s “Peep show” in order to deal with Kabran and the Redrock Guild. Following this, Ithilien, Welveren and Thaylen are chased off by a ghost from Ithilien’s past and Zanaver and Shrizyne learn from Syntira, the Nymph Queen of Darkmoon Wood, that the Carnival is about to be attacked by the Cold Rider and his dark fey. The two team up with a Cleric named Talgar and a Knight known as Sir Volkner to defeat the Cold Rider and his cruel minions.
01/Gildgleam The Twilight Guard learn that Quinn’s Carnival has arrived at Falcon’s Hollow. While this carnival is a major attraction that has toured for some time one source has it that Quinn has recently made a dark pact with some of Ilystra’s frost fey. It may be that the lives of those attending the carnival are endangered. The Guard begin the journey back to Falcon’s Hollow.
27/Greenlea The newly reformed Twilight Guard learn that some fell frost fey have been mutilating some local cattle. They track a couple of these creatures to a cave within the Arthefell Forest and there battle not only the fey, but also a couple of Shadow Pack Lycans.
26/Greenlea Zanaver and Shrizyne meet Ithilien, Thayelen and Welverin at the The Red Robin and decide to team up together. They then accept the invitation of the Dragon Fangs to help in a raid against one of the Shadow Pack’s forest camps. That night after the battle the air begins to grow unnaturally chill, and the party learn of a local legend about the Witch Queen of Glistenar.
25/Greenlea The party divides up the stolen loot. While Toed decides to take off in search of the Stoat to become the little one’s apprentice, Edmund announces that he has received a divine calling that will lead his path apart from that of the Twilight Guard.
24/Greenlea The Twilight Guard arrive at Dawnhaven and secure lodging at an Inn called The Red Robin. Edmund takes Jeva to a local Abby while the rest of the party pays a visit to The Silver Bulette to sell off a cursed magical item on the black market. While there, Zanaver runs into Stitch, an old associate from back in his days with the Dragon Fangs mercenary Guild. The party then visits The Outbacker to purchase some new gear. At shop the party meets a halfling named Coinbo and decide to partner with him in pursuing a bounty on a thief named The Stoat. That night the party (and Coinbo) manage to capture The Stoat. However, rather than turning him in for the reward, on Zanover’s suggestion the party decides to keep the loot from The Stoat’s last caper and let the halfling go free.
23/Greenlea The party is waylaid by a couple of Ogres en route to Dawnhaven, but quickly dispatch them. By the end of the day they make it to Asdelor and stay the night at an Inn called The Buzz Mill where they meet an exceptionally untalented bard.
22/Greenlea The party meet with Sherif Baleson and Kal Kathalos, his second in command to discuss forming an alliance against the Red Rock Guild. Afterward the party sets off for Dawnhaven. They spend the night at The Silver Puss.
21/Greenlea The Twilight Guard get involved in a skirmish between a couple of fey and some loggers in Darkmoon Wood. They then make it back to town and return the children to their families. That night they attend a party at Jak’a’Napes held in their honor. A fight nearly breaks out between the Twilight Guard and a couple of local mercenaries named The Tomb Scalpers who insulted several of the party’s guests.
19/Greenlea The party race against time in the lower levels of Drosker’s Crucible, slaying hordes of goblins. They confront Merlokrep, Dragon King of the Truescale Clan, and after a nasty battle, slay him as well. They then discover Vreggma, the king’s concubine, and rather than kill her, they form a peace treaty. Vreggma then aids the party in saving the last of the children from being sacrificed, though it seems that the party is too late to save the Mage, Tyran Moonlsiver. After the Twilight Guard subdues Jekajak, the Kobold shaman bent on sacrificing the kids, they all retire from a hard day’s work, and Zanaver and Vreggma retire together to the intimacy of the Queen’s chambers.
18/Greenlea The Guard parlay with some Kobolds and rescue Kimi and Savram from Kobolds their assailants. They then defeat the Soul forged attempting to bind Jurin’s soul after which a fierce debate erupts about what to do with the Soul Chain.
17/Greenlea The party enters Drosker’s Crucible. They defeat a whole slew of native dungeon ecology and meet an endearing homunculous named Grista (which Zanaver befriends).
16/Greenlea The Twilight Guard travel through Darkmoon Wood, braving the dangers of a Manticore and several other of the wood’s denizens.
14/Greenlea The party interview’s the Children’s Parents, and then investigate Elara’s Halfway House for signs of the whereabouts of the children. While there they meet an odd little girl named Jeva.
13/Greenlea The Twilight Guard arrive at safely home at Falcon’s Hollow but learn of the disappearance of the Falcon Knights, a band of local children.
11/Greenlea The party arives at Dawnhaven and Edmund is resurrected. Later, the party hires Ged and Redek, a pair of local mercenaries to accompany them to seek after the Reavers. After traveling throughout the night, the party tracks down and slays the band of Hob-goblins. They collect the bounty on the Reavers and then stay the night at the Silver Bulette .
10/Greenlea The party depart from Falcon’s Hollow for Dawnhaven in order to re-supply and sell some of their loot. Along the way they are attacked by a local band of hob-goblin cut throats known as the Reavers. Edmund is slain in combat. That night the party rest up at “The Splendid Puss”.
08/Greenlea The party arrive back at Falcon’s Hollow and Laurel concocts a cure for Blackscour, to the relief of all.
07/Greenlea The party spends the day traveling through Darkmoon Wood on their way back to Falcon’s Hollow.
06/Greenlea The party discover the ancient Dwarven Monestarty, Drosker’s Crucible. There they encounter and slay several monstrous inhabitants, capture and interrogate a Kobold. They then do battle with a dangerous warg named Greypelt. After defeating the creature, they discover a bed of Ironbloom Mushrooms.
05/Greenlea The party discovers Ulizmila’s Hut and do battle with an animated cauldron left by the witch to guard her hut. There they find some Pickled Ratstail Roots, one of the ingredients needed for the cure to Blackscour.

04/Greenlea The party travels through Darkmoon Wood in search of the needed ingredients. The do battle with a Hobgoblin, and then a large reptile. They also discover Elderwood Moss growing from an ancient Sidoran Ash. Afterwords, the party met an interesting little rat named Kriki and Toed joins the party.
03/Greenlea Edmund, Shrizyne and Zanaver join up to seek a cure to the Blackscour disease plaguing town. They learn from Laural that a cure to the illness could be made were Laurel able to obtain the right ingredients. The new formed party then set for out the logging outpost to find people knowledgeable about the forest in order to find the ingredients. That night the group did battle with a pair of wolves.
02/Greenlea Edmund and Toed both arrive in Falcon’s Hollow and secure lodging at Jak’a’Napes.
19/Dewfall The first reported case of Blackscour illness occurs within Falcon’s Hollow.




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