Society of Lost Relics

The Society of Lost Relics (SLR) is a large international fraternity spanning much of the north-eastern lands. The purpose of the SLR is to seek out the antiquated lore and forgotten relics of Eriond’s past in the hopes that these will shed some light as to the world’s future. As such, the society often employs novices within the fraternity in adventuring “field work”. Many adventuring parties begin their careers as junior members of the SLR. Some incredible discoveries have been made by such parties.

Where universities are present in cities containing a local chapter of the SLR, the Society will meet on campus to conduct their activities. More often than not however, local chapters of the SLR function as a proto-universities in the absence of a more established academy. In every location where the SLR is present, there are at least 3 charter members, the Research Director, and two fellow researchers. Charter members are the leaders of local chapters of the SLR, and as such, are themselves some of the societies most experienced members. Luna Aldred is the research director of the Western Baronies chapter of the society.



Society of Lost Relics

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