Drosker's Crucible

Within Darkmoon Vale there is a legend that nearly a millennium ago, in the midst of the fall of the Mierodranian Empire, some among the Dwarves in the mountains forsook Andunai and turned to the worship of a dark Lord, whose name has been forgotten within the annuls of time. What is known for certain is that the reign of the Dwarves in the region of Darkmoon Vale ended during the Demonspawn Wars. Ruins of Dwarven architecture still dot the landscape, conjuring visions of former glory. One such vestige of Dwarven artifice is Drosker’s Crucible, an ancient monastery that lies at the foot of Drosker’s Crag. Made of simple stone blocks, worn smooth with the passage of time, the stout building is falling apart. Sections of the slanted shale roof have collapsed and portions of the outer wall have crumbled. Weeds and wild thorn plants run rampant across the field leading up to the place, leaving only the slightest indication of a path that ends at the ruined front doors.

Dungeon levels

Droskers Crucible Ground Floor

Drosker's Crucible