A cute little blond orphan...with a terrifying secret!


When not attempting to eat your face off, Jeva appears as a thin girl with big green eyes and golden pigtails.


As far as everyone in Falcon’s Hollow knows, when Jeva was eight, her parents were torn to shreds by wolves, yet miraculously little Jeva escaped the ordeal unscathed. What the town does not know is that Jeva was the wolf that took her parents life.

Jeva then went to live at Elara’s halfway house. The kindly old caregiver however came to learn of Jeva’s secret and so locked her away in the basement of the house to protect the other children. From that day on Jeva was fed a diet of wolfsbane elixirs and endured a daily “treatment” of lacerations by silver instruments which Elara thought would help to stave off Jeva’s lycanthropy. However one night while preparing an elixir Elara was careless and left the keys to Jeva’s bonds within the girls reach. After freeing herself, Jeva transformed into hybrid form, ripped out Elara’s throat and fled the halfway house, accidentally knocking over a carosene lantern on the way out. The Halfway house quickly went up in flames, claiming the lives of the other orphans.

In the weeks that followed, Jeva ran free and feral in the nearby Darkmoon Wood, though she continued to watch the ruins of the halfway house. So it was that she witnessed the Falcon Knights ill-advised delve into the ruins of Elara’s Halfway house, their capture by kobolds, and the arrival of the Twilight Guards, who were in search of the children. Jeva chose to help lead the party to the children, yet her motives remain unknown to all saver herself.





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