A timid but loyal homunculous suffering from chronic boredom


Well he’s little, and not much to look at, but at lest he’s loyal.


Grista was created over a millennium ago by a gnarled old dwarven monk named Gristogar. Gristogar was the last abbot of Drosker’s crucible, and he served Droskar unwaveringly even as the theocracy crumbled around him. However, when the last disciple tried to abandon the crucible, Gristogar shattered the traitor’s spine and then, in the privacy of his own quarters, constructed a large mechanical device which he used to end his own life.

Grista, always faithful to Gristogar in life, could not bring himself to obey his master’s final command of suicide. The grief of his disobedience overcame the little homunculous’s sanity, and the creature languished in the abbot’s chambers for centuries, gradually moving from grief, to madness, and finally to sheer boredom.

That is where the Twilight Guard found him while searching for the missing children of Falcon’s Hollow. Mistaking him for a threat, Zanaver at first unleashed a swarm of bats upon the poor pathetic creature, who shrieked and fled for it’s tiny constructed life. On seeing the creature’s distress however, Zanaver took pity on Grista, and adopted him as a pet. Of course the homunculous would not agree to leave the abbot’s quarters without bringing a piece of the abbot along with him as a keepsake. Zanaver offered Grista the abbot’s finger bone, but Grista insisted upon taking his entire hip.



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