Welverin's Journal 2

There was an odd thing that happened today….A man saved me from being robbed while I was eating. I had just arrived to this city (I believe the innkeeper called it Caldoranth) and had decided to find a place to stay, eat some food, and study my spellbook. So I entered an establishment called the Dragon’s Den, and sat down at a table in the back. The serving woman came up and asked if I needed anything, to which I replied “Wine, some of whatever you’re cooking in the back, and a room for the evening. Continue to refill my wine until this runs out, at which time I shall retire for the evening. Thank you” and placed a gold coin upon the table. The woman smiled, and again to my suprise, told me she would see that I was not disturbed. I took my Spellbook out and began to read, and as it always does, time began to slip by completely unnoticed. However, as I was nearing the fourth line of my third rank Summoning spell, I was interrupted by a voice “You really ought to pay more attention friend, otherwise who knows what may have happened after you discovered that a wretched excuse for a man had taken this?” whereupon he dropped a sack onto the table with a dull clunk. It was my purse! All the gold I had left on this plane, and it quite nearly walked out the door in the hands of some…some….cutpurse!

Of course, as different as I am from my family, I know my manners. I thanked him graciously and offered to purchase his dinner as a thank you. Suprisingly he accepted, and rather than shuffle off to his own table, he sat down with me! I did not mean my offer to be an invitation for company, but it seems he took it as such. Well, what could I do but offer polite conversation? I am not a barbarian, to grunt and eat with no thought to those around me.

As the conversation continued, I found that I had a lot in common with this man….I know, shudder to think right? I know, not much in common in regards to life, raising, or even world viewpoints…but we chatted amiably as though old friends long into the night! In hindsight, I believe that I had made my first friend, and of all things it turned out to be a human!

Well, the dinner concluded, the wine was gone, and night had well and truly fallen in this city, so I bid my new friend goodnight, and told him that I must retire for the evening. Again to my suprise, he replied and offered to show me around the city the following day, as it was painfully obvious I was new, and quite unprepared for some of the rigors of city travel. After a moment’s hesitation (which I admit I was seeking an excuse to decline) I could not help but accept.

He showed me the areas to avoid in this place, the areas I might most be interested in (most specifically the location of various shops which also sold magical items) and the best places to eat(referring to cleanest, tastiest, and least likely to get you robbed). Not long after midday, he stopped and snapped his fingers “Blast it, I nearly forgot! I am to meet a friend of my fathers soon…I can’t spare the time to show you the way back to your inn, would you like to come with me?” Seeing as I had no other plans for the day, I agreed, and not long after, met a gentleman named Ithilien, whom, to my eye, reminded me greatly of those dashing Knights you hear of in stories, battling great foes and always inevitably triumphing over evil and darkness. I expected to find his personality quite as stereotypical as I thought his appearance was but again, I was happily proven wrong.

Ahh, I swear, I think that in this city of humans, I perhaps have found the only two tolerable ones! Ithilien told us of a quest he had, one he might need help with…but I’ll explain more about that later, when I have more information…



Welverin's Journal 2

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