Welverin's Journal 1

T hese bloody distractions are an extreme irritation. They have only my best interests at heart, or so they would have me believe, but the truth comes out when my dear father, the patriarch of our family finally decided to cut through the polite chatter and simply demand I begin looking at the women they have chosen for my bride. I couldn’t possibly care about this sycophantic trollops. All they care about is that our family is powerful.

But what do they know of power? How can one be content with merely enacting laws, ordering servants, and basking in the false adoration of those beneath your station when there is TRUE power to be had. Unlocking the mysteries of the universe will show me ways to enact laws upon creation itself! Will allow me to give orders to creatures of both the Heavens and the Abyss!

Were I to acquiesce to his wishes, I would be remembered for what? Being the youngest and least important member of a prominent Evermeet Noble House, one which was not only rude, but quite possibly mad as well? No, if I shall be remembered, it will be for becoming an Archmage of incredible power. Our house will be elevated far above its current station were I to realize this dream of mine, far more than if I were to marry these….these dreadful women, whose only cares are whether the servants bring their favorite wine fast enough or not.

No, I shall master this magic, I shall become one of the most powerful mages of our age, and if I do find a woman to be my companion, she shall be worthy of such a title. Not some strumpet born into nobility.

But this argument with Father has decided me. The device found in the vaults shall warrant my complete attention from this day forth. I believe it to be an artifact that will allow me to transport to the destination of my choice, but there is something odd about it. Such a device should have a certain level of power, and this artifact has far far more. I have studied the runes upon its surface…and though it has resisted identifying by normal means, I believe I know the ritual that will reveal the innermost secrets of this item…an item I believe was in the possession of the founders of our family. Alurthilar and Bel’lazeelnuar themselves!

one week later

Blast! They pester me more with each passing day! “Welverin, come and meet this lovely young lady, she is beautiful! (and the firstborn daughter of Duke whatshisname!)” At this rate, they will have me married and packed off to new quarters within the month! I shall have to accelerate my study…or perhaps I shall have to be more bold than I would normally like. Yes..I shall invoke the ritual tonight, and once I have mastered this, I am sure I can convince my father to leave me alone…the items dwelling in our vault lie dusty and unused, when they could be bringing us so much more power than useless alliances and marriages to people we do not care about!

later that night
yes…yes…the salt is placed just so. The candles are in place…My spellbook is laid out before me, and the item is in place. “Ve Ullora Sartane Elvor’edwen ust allo ful ullora…(what is that? NO! someone has knocked the candle over the salt! the ritual is imperfect!) Ve Ullora Sartane Elvor’edwen u—“

an unknown amount of time later

Bloody hell. Where am I? This is no city I’ve ever heard of! I cannot believe the ritual was ruined! When I find who did this I will make them pay most dearly….Still. Its not all bad. At least I proved the artifact works! Well, I might as well make the best of this. Find out where I am, secure reasonable lodgings…..luckily when I was transported here, I had some gold in my pocket, my headband on, and my backpack of reagents near my feet. The only loss is my spellbook, and while I can replace that, it will take me far longer to replace all the spells I had painstakingly scribed into it. But I am not discouraged. This world may hold new secrets, new spells, new wonders to observe and power to gather. I am quite nearly excited!



Welverin's Journal 1

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