Twilight Guard

These are the heroes of our campaign. The Twilight Guard is less than a month old, but already word of their deeds has begun to spread throughout the Vale. Shrizyne and Zanaver had been residents of Falcon’s Hollow for several years already before the events of this campaign. After his mercenary Guild was dissolved and his city burned, Zanaver fled north and found gainful employment as one of the Lumber Consortium’s swords for hire. Shrizyne, a Drow, abandoned his former life in the underdark to roam the lands above. He spent some time among the Tindori woodelves, but after the death of his beloved ventured into the wilderness alone. He later partnered with Zanaver and the two became bounty hunters.

Toed, is a newcomer to Falcon’s Hollow. A sturdy dwarf originally hailing from the mighty Dwarven city of Igladon, Toed could not abide the corruption he found in the northern human cities. He traveled to Falcon’s Hollow seeking opportunities to explore the ruins of his ancestors and develop his roguish skill. A month ago an epidemic known as the Blackscour broke out in Falcon’s Hollow. Edmund, a cleric of Eridial, traveled to town in the hope of aiding those suffering from the illness. These four unlikeliest of companions soon found themselves bound together by a quest to save the town, for it appeared that they were Hollow’s Last Hope. After finding a cure to the Blackscour, the Twilight Guard further made a name for themselves by ridding the Vale of the a band of Hob-goblin cutthroats named The Reavers that had been harrowing travelers. Currently they are engaged in an attempt to rescue a band of Falcon Hollow’s children from their Kobold captors.



Twilight Guard

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