Toed's Wishlist

Toed s wishlist

  • (any AC boosting items – natural armor bonus, deflection bonus, etc)
  • (any ability boosting item – priority is Dex, then Str, then Con)
  • Dwarven Thrower (specific magic weapon – fairly expensive ;)
  • Speed ability on weapon (his current warhammer is not magic)
  • Shadow armor (his current armor is not magic)
  • Rope of climbing (would be slick for a cat-burglar to have)
  • Gloves of swimming and climbing
  • Ring of jumping
  • Vest of escape
  • Handy haversack (for heists)
  • Ring of feather falling (in case of botched tight-rope walk)
  • Figurine of wondrous power (bronze griffon) (cool way to escape)
  • Gem of seeing (for heists – fairly powerful/expensive magic item)
  • Elixir of tumbling (for short-term, expendable usage)
  • Elixir of hiding (for short-term, expendable usage)
  • Elixir of swimming (for short-term, expendable usage)



Toed's Wishlist

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