The Sitting Duck

Located a little too close to the town palisade for many folks’ comfort, the Duck is the local hot spot for adventurers, explorers, and other rapscallions looking for excitement. The tavern serves a potent local brew of fermented Tindor leaf that can floor an ogre in a few tankards. Raucous games of “knivesies” and “lefty-loosy” (two dangerous local recreational activities, both with a high rate of maiming) often rage late into the night. Many adventurers share tales of Darkmoon Vale, Droskar’s Crag, and other surrounding locations for the price of a mug of ale.

Proprietor: Naf Hardar.

Clientele: Local lumber jacks and mercenaries, as well as adventurers.

Food: Average. Naf Gives hearty portions. The menu consists of:
  • Breakfast: Farmers Hash, boiled eggs.
  • Lunch: Catch of the day, and leftover Farmers Hash.
  • Dinner: Mutton Stew, fresh barely bread and leeks.
Pricing: Varies:
  • Meal Only: 2sp.
  • Meal & Black Tindor Alcohol: 2.5sp.
  • Black Tindor: 2cp.



The Sitting Duck

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