The Rouge Lady

The silk-veiled parlors in the back of this burlesque and gambling hall doubles as an illegal brothel. The show starts just after dusk, and there’s never an empty seat, especially when the beautiful Ralla takes the stage. Kabran Bloodeye, the belligerent cutthroat rumored to lead the Redrock Guild, is the owner of this illicit pleasure den. Few patrons ever catch a glimpse of the infamous basement of The Rouge Lady, but it is well known that Kabran enjoys flaying his enemies alive beneath the gambling hall, their screams adding somewhat to the Lady’s dark atmosphere.

Proprietor: Kabran Bloodey.

Clientele: Mercenaries, Farriers, Adventurers and Loggers.

Services: “Whatever you desire.”

Pricing: “It will cost you.”



The Rouge Lady

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