Shrizyne's Journal 2

10th Greenlea, 2,653 A.S.

Today is a sad day indeed. Edmund had lost his life in an encounter with some bandits, and Zanaver nearly did as well… as I write this journal entry, I stare at the lifeless body of our companion… but let me start from the beginning….

It seems Laurel has indeed come up with a cure to the Blackscour illness that had plagued the town. In doing so, both Laurel and our band of adventures have become rather well known to the town. With everything now set right in Falcon’s Hallow, we all agreed it was time to get some much needed supplies with the new found small fortune we had obtained in Drosker’s Crucible. And besides, it seems Toed had some business that needed attending to in Falcon’s Hallow. So while Toed was busy, the rest of us decided to make our way to Dawnhaven so that we might have access to the gear we required.

On our way to Dawnhaven, we were ambushed by a group of five goblinoid bandits. It seemed we had a problem from the get go, being outnumbered and all. But since we had no good way to escape from their clutches, and they had already seemed intent on attacking us, we had no choice but to fight. I should have known that was a bad tactical decision from the beginning, and while I’m not exactly trying to get the favor of my father, being as nasty as any other drow, he certainly would not be proud of my tactical handling of the situation.

I should have better judged the situation before charging in. I made the mistake of rushing the two goblins that had been trying to flank us with their bows, leaving Edmund and Zanaver to deal with the other three on their own. This was a mistake. The leader of the bandit group didn’t seem too particularly dangerous, but his underling had been a different story. If anyone else ever reads these journal entries, heed this warning, never underestimate a barbarian! Their raw strength and ability to unleash damage is quite incredible, and unfortunately Edmund found this out first hand. The barbarian made quick work of our cleric companion, and I was too late in getting back to the main group to do anything about it. Edmund lay on the ground lifeless as soon as I regrouped with my companions… and I was unsure if he still lived.

The ruthless bandits gave me no chance to find out for myself if Edmund still drew breath, and in fact now struck against Zanaver! Being severely outnumbered, Zanaver followed Edmund quickly. I was left alone, ironically unharmed by the few attempts at my own life. With my companions on the ground, dying or possibly already dead, I tried to negotiate with the bandits, hoping they would let me go so that I might tend to anyone still alive. Alas, I was never good at negotiating… only intimidation. It seems the upbringing my father gave me as a solider and guard of house Zaumtor never included negotiation skills. I felt I had little choice about what to do regarding my companions. The bandits gave me only one ultimatum, hand over every last bit of our possessions, not just our valuables, but everything! With my companions either dying or already dead, how could I revive them without our medical gear? How could I have gotten them to safety with nothing on my back? I know Zanaver blames me for being selfish, and he is certainly not one to talk about such things, but I feel it is an unfair judgment.

The bloodthirsty bandits quickly grew tired of talking, and put my chatter to an end by smashing Edmund’s skull in, with Zanaver quickly following. If either were miraculously still alive at this point, if I fled now they would have no chance to recover (although at this point I was quite sure Edmund had perished and was fairly sure Zanaver was dead as well). I was never raised to be a coward, and while I had little choice in what happened, I would stay by their sides and fight the bandits to my last breath. I warned them if they had taken such actions they would pay, and I promised that I would at least take one of them with me if I was to follow my comrades. I didn’t hesitate any longer, this was it, it was them or me.

They started to surround me, and I could see the smirks on the murdering thugs faces as they thought they had the upper hand. In truth they did have the upper hand, but I wasn’t about to let them know that. I darted out from in-between the barbarian that had killed Edmund and the groups leader, flipping over the leaders head, and landing squarely behind him with my blade ready. I thrust my blade through his body, impaling his heart. The hob-goblin’s lifeless body dropped to the ground. I saw the look of disbelief on his underlings faces, and I used this to my advantage. I shouted fearlessly, cleanly pulling my sword from the leaders dead body, and pointed it at the remaining bandits and asked them “who wants to be next”?

I knew the barbarian had been hurt, while he cleanly did away with Edmund, he payed a price with his wounds, so I was fairly sure I could at least take him with me as well before I went down. So it wasn’t too surprising that after being demoralized like that, they fled. Nonetheless to be sure, I was still very lucky to have pulled that off, the odds were extremely against me. Even luckier still, I found that, miraculously, Zanaver still drew breath! I did what I could to bandage his wounds, and luckily he came to after many hours of me tending to him. Unfortunately, Edmund had indeed met his end. I somehow felt guilty, but at the same time I didn’t know what else I could have done in that situation. Surely without any equipment or even clothing I never would have been able to nurse even Zanaver back to health.

Before leaving the area, I left the head of the bandit leader on a stick, to remind the rest of the bandits of his demise. Hopefully they don’t have the urge to beat any other travelers to death for their possessions, at least not anytime soon. And if not, I may someday come back for my revenge. I am tired of watching my companions and loved ones die around me. No longer will I allow these evil persons to get away with unscathed. There will be justice!

Zanaver and I took Edmund’s body with us, either to give him a proper burial, or to try and get him resurrected. I knew we had come across a decent amount of coins, but I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to cover the costs of a resurrection. Luckily, Zanaver informed me that the shrunken head we had found at the witche’s hut was worth a decent amount provided we found the right buyer. We both found an inn to hold up at called the Splendid Puss, and the inn keeper is a spell caster that can teleport us directly to Dawnhaven in the morning.

11th Greenlea, 2,653 A.S.

First thing this morning upon arriving at Dawnhaven, we immediately sought to raise the funds we needed to resurrect our fallen companion. Zanaver and I concocted a plan that might create a newly interested buyer for the shrunken head we wanted to sell. It was a little dirty, swindling the Maestro’s Magic shop keeper out of the profit he thought he would gain, and normally I would not approve of such a thing, but times were dire, and we had no other way to come up with enough money to pay for Edmund’s resurrection. So Zanaver, with his oily tongue, convinced the shop keeper that he was a wealthy individual who was specifically looking for the exact sort of item we wanted to sell. The shop-keeper bought the story completely. So I walked in, dressed as the doughty adventurer that I am, and offered to sell the item to the shop keeper. At first he played coy, but I knew he now wanted to buy it from me so he could turn a profit. Well I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad, after all he only fell for our trick due to his own greed. He bought the trinket from me for exactly the amount Zanaver thought we could get for it. With that money, we were able to have Edmund resurrected.

Zanaver told Edmund his side of the story about what happened, and I think they both think I was only trying to save myself and my own possessions during that situation with the bandits. If that had been the case, I could have simply fled. I stood a better chance of surviving running from them rather than fighting them. After all, I am very sneaky and I am willing to bet I could have lost them easily enough. At any rate, it weighs heavily upon my heart that they would think this about me. I thought they knew me better then that. I suppose the stigma of being a drow follow me still, even far above the Underdark that I sought to escape. I shall have to prove to them I am better then that, and that I honestly did what I thought was best to try and help us survive. At least Edmund has now been restored and has been given a new chance at life.

We where just about ready to leave Dawnhaven when we found a few “wanted” posters, so we decided maybe we might make a few coins while we were out this way. Low and behold we spied a reward for a group of bandits that had the exact same description as that of the bandits that attacked us. Apparently this group of bandits had been going by the name of The Reavers and had been terrorizing travelers along the road to Dawnhaven for some time. We all looked at each other after noticing the bounty and knew exactly what was coming next. We got ourselves some horses, some equipment, and found some hirelings to bring along to even up the odds in our favor. Later during dusk we set off to find our bounties, and take our revenge upon them!

We traveled at night in hopes that they would not see us coming. We planned to attack very early morning, just before the day’s first light. We traveled back to the pathway where we had been ambushed, and I picked up their trail. Soon we had found their encampment. We were just in time, for dawn was near. We almost caught them off guard, but one of the goblins had good eyes and had caught me trying to sneak up on them with Zanaver and sounded an alarm to the rest. We wasted no time in starting our attack. Soon our group had felled most of them, and the small goblins that were left tried to flee. They had no chance of getting away, we were too fast for them, and we quickly ran them through as well. We all took their heads back to Barron Amring as proof to him that we had completed the bounty and to claim our reward. At least now the Reavers won’t be stealing from or harming anyone ever again!

Barron Amring asked us what our band was called, and I had never really thought of us as much of a “band” before, let alone having thought of a name for us. So we told him we would get back to him about that next time we saw him. Soon after we left on newly acquired horses and galloped back to Falcon’s Hallow. On the way back we had thought of a name we could use next time the Barron asked us, and that name would be The Twilight Guard. Fitting I think, considering that we took in our first bounty at twilight, not to mention most of us have excellent night vision. After giving it some thought, I suppose we are becoming a band of companions after all. I hope I can get Zanaver (not that he isn’t guilty of anything either) and Edmund to think better of me in the future.



Shrizyne's Journal 2

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