Shadow Pack

Shadow pack druid2

For the most part, the Shadow Pack remains a reactionary group of lycanthropic druids whose main activity seems to be preventing logging within Arthefell Forest. Organized recruitment drives are extremely rare, and usually only follow sweeps conducted by the Fangwatch. Members of the Shadow Pack almost never conduct raids outside the forest, as they seem content to remain whithin its boundaries. In general, only those who must venture into or through the Arthefell need fear the Shadow Pack, although residents of Dawnhaven certainly suspect its members were part of the Night of Silver Blood.

Generally, the Shadow Pack and the Fangwatch maintain a careful cease-fire that keeps an uneasy but balanced peace in the forest. Occasionally, one group or the other initiates a conflict, causing a frequently brief but always blood-soaked war that displaces other residents of the Arthefell. On exceedingly rare occasions the two enemies put aside their differences and work together, although this only occurs when some greater foe threatens the forest.



Shadow Pack

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