This leaning ramshackle inn located next to the town’s stables offers lodgings and food to the many travelers who pass through Falcon’s Hollow. The owner, a rotund red-faced human named Jak Crimmy, with a single wisp of bright red hair on his otherwise bald head, is a retired bard who sports an easy smile. Jak’s cinnamon-crusted flapjacks are legendary in town, as is his skill at juggling frying pans and his astonishing marksmanship with a heavy crossbow (Jak is a man of many talents).

Proprietor: Jak Crimmy.

Clientele: Local lumber jacks and mercenaries, as well as adventurers.

Lodging: Poor. Jak’a’Napes has six unadorned rooms in all, each small, damp and cold. That said, they are the nicest non-consortium owned accommodations the town has to offer.

Food: Good. Jak is a skilled gourmet. The menu consists of:
  • Breakfast: Spicy dire boar sausages and cinnamon crusted flapjacks.
  • Lunch: Catch of the day, sauteed mushrooms, hash and pickled tubers.
  • Dinner: Flank of steak (“chef’s surprise”), turnip soup, bread and berry cobbler.
Pricing: Varies:
  • Meal Only: 3sp.
  • Meal & Lodging: 1gp.
  • Beer: 2cp-1gp.




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