High Market

With access restricted by Boss Teedum’s most loyal boys, the High Market consistently serves only those with some amount of influence in the town (Thuldrin Kreed and his lackeys, Deldrin Baleson, Vamros Harg, and visiting Lumber Consortium bosses and managers). Kreed holds a lottery once per month to allow in nine lucky residents for up to 3 days. All residents who work for the Lumber Consortium (which is nearly everyone, but excludes such notables as Laurel, Namdrin Quinn, and Lady Cirthana) are automatically entered, as the drawing is done by employee number. The winning residents can bring along up to three family members.

Clientele: The Town Elite.

Merchandise and Services: The High Market sells meats and vegetables without a hint of rot on them; nicely made clothes of materials other than canvas, cotton, and leather; spices (including a popular vendor who sells only salt); and various items that cost more than 10 gold coins.

Pricing: 15% markup on all items.



High Market

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