Fangwatch ranger

The shadowy Fangwatch rangers patrol the Arthefell Forest just to the south of Dawnhaven, and only occasionally leave the forest or move into the heart of it south of the vale. Fangwatch consists of roughly three dozen rangers and a handful of barbarians led by the charismatic Rutho Steiggerson. These rangers ostensibly exerts control over the north half of the Arthefell Forest. However they also patrol many of the copses along the Dantalig River as well. The rangers of Fangwatch are on friendly terms with the druids of the Greenfire Circle and often work in concert with them to patrol the forest. Though the rangers of Fangwatch are unhappy with the Lumber Consortium’s destructive activities within the forest, currently they seek to protect the denizens of Dawnhaven, including those representing lumber interests, from the more hostile creatures of Arthefell forest. As such, Fangwatch has come into conflict with the Shadow Pack on several occasions.




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