Drow Female

Under the harsh mountain ranges of the Hammodrans (and beyond) lies another world that few on the surface know anything about, that of the Underdark. Among all of Underdark’s inhabitants, one of its most powerful races goes largely unnoticed by surface dwellers: the Drow. Drow are a ruthless, evil race of dark elves that have long since descended from the surface of Eriond. While they used to live alongside the other races of elf in ages past, today Drow are bitter and heartless, blaming surface dwelling races for casting them out.

Drow society is matriarchal, militaristic, and heavily influenced by religion. They worship their deity Lynyth, the spider queen, with whom they are constantly trying to gain favor. In Drow communities, favor with Lynyth often goes hand in hand with power among peers, and power is what drives most of Drow society. Their dark deity encourages things such as treachery, trickery, and cruelty. These things are common among Drow, and in fact are often expected.

Females run Drow society, while males are never allowed to rule. In fact, having a third son is looked down upon as a bad omen, and Lynyth demands the Drow to sacrifice their third sons without question. Their cities are ruled by houses, and while ranking changes between these houses frequently, usually a top few remain in power. Those highly in favor with Lynyth usually rise to the top fastest. Competition between the houses is fierce, often violent, and deadly.

Drow are arrogant, ambitious, sadistic, treacherous and hedonistic. From birth they are taught that Drow are superior to other races and should crush these beneath them. Children who resist or show kindness and love are brutally punished, so as to drive the instinct of cruelty into them. Drow value advancement over their peers more than anything else, pulling down their superiors and crushing their inferiors. This doesn’t mean they treat all of their peers with disdain, however. They appreciate a sense of subtlety and thus Drow are often courteous and urbane, even to deadly rivals.

Aside from taking slaves, and allying with very few races from the Underdark (such as the Illithids, and sometimes Bugbears or even Kobolds), Drow communities generally are very secretive and keep to themselves. They do not trust outsiders whatsoever. If any race even remotely challenges Drow territory, they fight back with ruthlessness… killing all of their enemies including their women and children… until they wipe them from the face of the Underdark if necessary.

Drow Male on Riding Lizard

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