Campaign Art Gallery

Campaign art gallery

While the majority of artwork featured on this site was borrowed from Paizo (in cooperation with their Community Use Policy) and/or other artists, some was not. Both Chris (csdigitaldesign) and I have contributed some of our own creations. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to create a gallery to showcase this original artwork. You can click on any of the images to see an enlarged copy. Also, clicking on the artist’s link will take you to their own art page, rather than to their Obsidian Portal profile page. If you want to leave the artist a comment, please feel free to do so on the comments section of this site, seriously, we love hearing feedback! Thanks for stopping by.



Western baronies small

The Western Baronies

By: Arsheesh

Since this campaign is set within my own campaign world, but uses geographical locations from Paizo, I made this map as a composite of two maps: the region of Darkmoon Vale in the Pathfinder world of Golarion, and the Western Baronies from my own campaign world of Eriond.

Eriond small

The World of Eriond

By: Arsheesh

This is the campaign world that I originally designed for my Age of Legends campaign setting and later used to derive our campaign map of The Western Baronies.


Zanaver small pic

Zanaver Niron

By: Csdigitaldesign

Chris volunteered to do a series of portraits for the characters in our campaign. This is his first portrait done of Zanaver, the chaotic Tiefling Warlock (played by Will aka dakastorm) in our campaign.


Shrizyne s swords

Elven Longswords

By: Csdigitaldesign

Chris’s character Shrizyne is currently on a quest involving Woodelves. His goal is for Shrizyne to wield a pair of Magical Elven Longswords, which he hopes to gain as a reward for accomplishing his quest. He took the initiative of illustrating what they would look like. I must say that this is a really effective form of DM bribery!


Mara wip small 2

Mara WIP

By: Arsheesh

This is a WIP of my first real attempt at painting. The character is named Mara and she’s actually from my Age of Legends campaign. I used an image of Summer Glau as a model to do this rough sketch. Then I went online and read several tutorials on digital painting, after which, I set to work.

Shrizyne wip. small

Shrizyne WIP

By: Csdigitaldesign

This is a WIP of Chris’s own character, Shrizyne. He’s been working on this on and off for a while now in-between his other jobs as a graphic designer. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.



Campaign Art Gallery

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