Former consort of Merlokrep and reigning Queen of the Truescales


Vreggma is a particularly stunning female kobold with shiny blue scales. When clothed, she wears silks and crude golden kobold jewelry. She has a particular fondness for “good-good” (gold, that is), and is not above “nag-nagging” for it.


Vreggma was born to kobold royalty, but she hitched her wagon to a falling star. She spent several years as consort to the doomed king Merlokrep, with precious little “good-good” to show for it. Vregma’s fortunes finally changed however when the Twilight Guard decided to show up and slay the King and most of her tribe (all over some fuss about the kobolds sacrificing some insignificant little flesh bags?!). Her grief over her king’s demise was short-lived, and when the Guard arrived at her quarters she immediately attempted the coquettish seduction of Zanaver, the party’s token Tiefling, in the hopes of being spared. The ploy not only worked, but Vreggma’s reptilian feminine whiles managed to win the party over to her side. After a little “nag-nag” with the Tiefling, Vreggma received the party’s promise to rid the Crucible’s caverns of its infestation of creeping shadows. Now she has claimed the throne for her own, and rules over the Truescale Tribe’s few remaining members.




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