The Stoat

A sly little cat burglar with large aspirations


The Stoat stands about 3’8” tall, has olive skin, green eyes, and dark brown colored hair. He often dresses in upscale clothing of white, black, and blue that exemplify his extraordinary charisma and ambition. The Stoat is regularly seen wearing a black top hat and smoking from a pipe.


There are few that know the origins and true identity of the Stoat. What is known about this tenacious little halfling is that he loves larceny. What’s more he’s damn good at it too. For the last five years The Stoat has been the single most successful cat burglar in the Northern Reaches. Neither the nobility nor the arriviste appear to be exempt from his sticky little fingers, for he robs them all alike.

Bounties for the Stoat can be found throughout the kingdoms of the North. More recently, he has begun to plague the richer classes of the Western Baronies. He rides a large trained bat which he uses as a get-away vehicle whenever a caper goes south (which isn’t often).



The Stoat

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