The admired yet haunted young leader of the Greenfire Circle


Tablic is tall and lengthy. He is possessed of intelligent hawk-like eyes, roguish good looks and a silent confidence that has won him the respect and admiration of many.


As leader of the Greenfire Circle and husband of the beautiful Ingrid Odebar, many people consider Tablic the luckiest man in The Western Baronies. Indeed, in the last several years, Tablic’s fortunes have done nothing but rise. Behind his success, though, Tablic remains haunted by a past riddled with crime.

At one time Tablic was a glest addict on the streets of Caldoranth. He ran with a tough crowd and committed his first violent crime at the tender age of nine. For his fifteenth birthday Tablic’s dealer gave the lad a concussion and a broken rib when Tablic tried to pay for a dose with too little coin. When he recovered, Tablic murdered a merchant and bought enough glest with the stolen coin to kill a horse. Fate intervened however when the Azure Guard found Tablic and rescued him from his own folly. When the Azure Guard later broke up in Darkmoon Vale, Tablic sought another group to join, eventually ending up with the Greenfire Circle, of which he has just recently become the leader.

Guilt still gnaws at Tablic. He knows he cannot forever escape his past, and with each passing year he steels himself a little more for his inevitable return to Caldoranth.




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