T'rissdan Kenghym

Old and trusted friend of Shrizyne Zaumtor's


As prince of House Kenghym (Which means “Sworn to the forgotten ways”), he has inherited many heirlooms from his father, including a set of specially treated luminied breast plate armor which is very much darker then regular lumined to the eye (the treatment is actually one of the secrets held by House Kenghym, and they have rarely shared this information with anyone). Another heirloom is that of an enchanted greatsword that has faithfully protected generations of Kenghym before him.

T’rissdan usually can be found wearing both on him as he currently patrols the caverns looking to stop possible enemies to the drow from ever reaching their home. Even stranger then his unique heirlooms is that T’rissdan is very unusual looking for a drow, and he not only has bright purple eyes but very dark grey-silver hair, which strays from the standard red eyes and silver white hair you see on most drow.

T’rissdan has a soft heart for a drow, and does an excellent job at hiding it from others, but it also doesn’t hurt that he has very few looking over his shoulder, since his house is last in line among the houses in the area of Everhund.

Class: Fighter 1 / Scout 5 (oddly enough both him and Shrizyne follow a similar path, even though they have gone their separate ways)
Alignment: C/N


T’rissdan was born firstboy under House Kenghym, which is the 16th, and last, house in the drow city of Everhund. His name given to him by his birth parents means “Blade-strider”, which isn’t at all odd considering that House Kenghym has often contributed to many talented scouts to the ranks of the drow. T’rissdan learned as he grew up that his house has held many secrets about his race long past forgotten to other drow, but he keeps to himself about these things, and asks his elders very few questions about them. He just knows when the time is right, they will tell him what he needs to know.

When he was old enough, his father sent him to train as most drow do at the academy as a honored drow fighter. There he met and befriended one of the few drow he had ever met that actually had a good heart like himself. With his new friend Shrizyne Zaumtor, they trained together they got to know one another, and T’rissdan learned all about Shrizyne’s attempt to hide his true feelings and forthcoming actions because of them. The two entered a bond together, trusting each other like they never have trusted anyone before. After they had finished at the academy, they both joined the ranks of their houses fighters and started performing their duties of that of a drow solider, such as patrolling the Underdark to keep eyes out for enemies.

House Kenghym is home to warriors who frequently are very adept at being stealthy, and in fact T’rissdan started training with the house blademaster to become more then just a fighter and to add the house’s well renowned skills of their scouts and spies to his repertoire. Soon become a talented scout for House Kenghym, defnding drow city of Everhund (of course they gave him little credit, being of such low standing in their society).

While coming to visit Shrizyne, one day he had overheard Shrizyne’s father and brother speaking of Shrizyne. They admitted to each other they both suspected that he was not following all of his orders, and in fact he was hiding that he might have secretly spared a few enemies while under orders to kill them. T’rissdan understood Shrizyne’s hesitation to kill certain individuals, as he might of done the same in that situation… He needed to warn Shrizyne of his findings… because if the others found the truth about Shrizyne, House Zaumtor would most likely make an example of him and possibly even sacrifice him to Lynyth to punish him for his transgressions.

After he told Shrizyne, they both thought it would be best that Shrizyne flee from Everhund before they had found out the truth… as it was probably only a matter of time before they did. T’rissdan had a plan on how to get Shrizyne out without any suspicions. He would ask House Zaumtor to supply him reinforcements as they were to patrol a particularly dangerous area in the Underdark that day… and being friends with Shrizyne, he asked for him specifically. House Zaumtor agreed since they had no quarrels with House Kenghym and supplied them some extra scouts, including Shrizyne.

Once they had encountered the enemy, he told Shrizyne to wait for the right moment and then drink a potion that he gave him that would cause him to appear lifeless… Shrizyne did this, and the rest of the scouting party was forced to flee due to too many casualties… T’rissdan dragged his friend’s limp body to saftey as they retreated. Soon after Shrizyne had woken, hidden in the place agreed upon, and that was the last T’rissdan had seen of his good friend Shrizyne… he had hoped to see him again eventually, but is unsure of what has happened to him.

Today T’rissdan has taken his place as Captain of the Guard and Blademaster with House Kenghym, as it’s Blademaster had recently fallen in combat. He has done well for himself and no other drow suspect him of his true feelings. He hopes that Shrizyne has made it out of the Underdark alive, and awaits the day he might somehow meet him again.



T'rissdan Kenghym

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