A disenchanted Satyr who has turned his back upon Syntira


Sylvanus is a short, thin, Satyr with with dark brown hair, ruddy features and a Puckish smile. His deep brown eyes were, up until very recently, filled with mirth and laughter. Now they they are cold hard orbs filled with icy hatred.


For centuries Sylvanus occupied the title of High Minstrel of the faerie court within Darkmoon Wood. He and his beloved muse, Felicity, would fill Syntira’s courts with rapturous music that celebrated the miracle of life. Then came men into the Vale. They came with saw and axe. They came for Sidoran Ash and left destruction in their wake. Within a generation the men of the Western Baronies had divided Darkmoon Forest in Two. This tragedy ate at the heart of Sylvanus, and indeed all fae who dwelt in the faerie realms of the Wood.

Thus it was that when the Cold Rider came upon the wood one chill, bleak night whispering promises of revenge, he found a willing ally in Sylvanus. After Syntira officially denounced the Cold Rider and his bloody schemes Sylvanus left his position at the court, abandoning both his Queen, and his former love, to follow the Cold Rider. When this champion of the frost Later met his end at the hands of the Twilight Guard, Sylvanus joined with Ambrosia, the Queen’s own sister, and together the two gathered together a woodland army to make war upon Falcon’s Hollow. Today much of the joy and love that once filled Sylvanus’s has turned to bitter hatred. He will not stop until every man, woman and child within Falcon’s Hollow has been slain or cast out of the Vale.




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