Shrizyne Zaumtor

Shrizyne Zaumtor, Drow Elf Fighter-Scout


Artwork: (The following artwork was created by csdigitaldesign)
Shrizyne’s Future Elven Long Swords
Lineart of Shrizyne’s Future Elven Long Sword
Portrait for Zanaver Niron

Lvl 1 Fighter / Lvl 1 Dervish / Lvl 6 Scout (Favored Class)
Armor Class
Base Attack Bonus
1d6 +4
Atk: +10
+1 Human B. Axe
1d8 +4
Atk: +10
+1 Battleaxe
1d6 +3
Atk: +10
MW Short S.
1d4 +3
Atk: +9
Silver Hammer
1d8 +3
Atk: +9
+2 Dexterity
+2 Charisma
-2 Constitution
Darkvision (120ft)
Immunities (Sleep; +2/enchantment)
Keen Senses (+2 Perception)
Spell Resistance : 13 (Class Level +6)
Light Sensitivity (Blindness; Dazzled)
Poison Use (No accidental infliction)
Spell-Like Abilities (See Drow)
Weapon Familiarity (See Drow)
Day Walker
Warrior Heritage
Skirmish: +2d6 +1 AC / 10ft
Battle Fortitude
Uncanny Dodge
Fast Movement +10ft
Trackless Step
Movement Mastery
Dervish Dance 1/day
Slashing Blades
Two Weapon Fighting
Improved Skirmish: +2d6 +1 AC / 20ft
Combat Expertise
Weapon Proficiency: All Simple & Martial
Weapon Proficiency: Hand Crossbow
Weapon Focus: Longsword
Armor Proficiency: All
Improved 2 Weapon Fighting

Acrobatics (7 ranks)
Climb (1 rank)
Craft: Bowyer (1 rank)
Craft: Alchemy (2 rank)
Disable Device (3 ranks)
Escape Artist (4 ranks)
Handle Animal (2 ranks)
Intimidate (2 ranks)
Knowledge: Dungeoneering (1 rank)
Knowledge: Geography (2 rank)
Knowledge: Nature (2 ranks)
Perception (7 ranks)
Perform: Dance (6 ranks)
Ride (1 rank)
Sense Motive (3 ranks)
Stealth (7 ranks)
Survival (6 ranks)
Swim (1 rank)
+1 Greensteel Breastplate
MW Ash Shield
+1 Human B. Axe
+1 Battleaxe
+1 Battleaxe
Silver Lt. Hammer
M.(+3 str)C. Longbow
+1 Ring of Protection

S small
hrizyne is a pale blueish-gray Drow elf, with silver gray hair, and red glowing eyes. With a somewhat slender-medium build with some muscle tone, this scout is mostly built for quickness and speed over brute strength. It is apparent he has seen much conflict in the past because scars from battle wounds (among others) cover parts of his body. While he is just as attractive as any other drow, they do have somewhat an effect on his looks. Shrizyne just likes to think they give him a rugged look. He moves with much grace and speed, like a cat stalking its prey, and prides himself on this.

He often wears a double-sided cloak with hood, one side that of a forest green, and the other side black as night, and often will flip this cloak inside out depending on the situations he’s in, usually to help hide his movements when required. His preference is to leave the black facing outward if the situation is not dependant on it, and often wears the hood up so as not to draw attention to himself from others as to being a drow. His dress is also usually dark or black in nature, and he avoids wearing too many things that gleam and shine like metal, covering them with dark colors or camouflage when he can.

He is very understanding of others, often overlooking odd physical features or even personality quirks, because being a Drow in the surface world it would be hypocritical of him do anything otherwise. While his heart has grown much fonder for others then most Drow, he still retains a ruthlessness about him, and is indeed very unforgiving to those he thinks does not deserve it. He is not afraid to do what he must do to bring justice to those who are good people, and if that means having to fight fire with fire, so be it.

While outside appearances may seem that he is a very strong individual, inside he is torn because of the hard life and abuse he suffered from when he was younger. Only recent developments with his kinship concerning the Tindorian wood elves have had any positive influence. Even the death of his love weighs heavy on his heart, and he struggles to keep the rage inside him from growing out of control. For now, the focus on his task at hand of bringing whomever is behind the attacks on his village (and the death of his love) to justice keeps him focused (and it is not at all just business, but very personal).

His race naturally looks down on others that do not seem to deem any respect from them, and Shrizyne is not any different, but his disposition for who he deems worthy is very different then most Drow. Early on he has learned that its not about forcing others to do your will, but rather getting them to want to. Other Drow usually see showing kindness to others as a weakness, but to him, a friend is a much stronger asset then just a slave who is forced to do your will. He will gladly throw these ideas in others Drows faces if given the chance (or so he would these days). Even though Shrizyne doesn’t really mean to come across as arrogant most of the time, he can often seem to be to those who are not his friends. Sometimes he will tend to almost looks down on those he does not fear or cherish. But if get to know him and sees you as his friend, he will treat you as an equal, or perhaps even more so, and might even feel indebted to you if you are good and trustworthy.

He is always loyal to his friends and an obedient servant to those closest to him. This has defined him, and as such, why he is different from other drow.

S small
hrizyne Zaumtor (His first name meaning “Silent Hunter”, pronounced Shree-zane) grew up in the drow Underdark city of Everhund, but because of his nature he did not fit in with the others so well. His family line, the House of Zaumtor (Meaning “Children of the Abyss”, pronounced Zaoom-tor), claims to have heritage in demon blood. It was 11th house in a total standing of 16 different houses, at least within the drow city he was from (and there are many in the Underdark). His house had been long past been in good standing with the drow goddess Lynyth, the spider queen, and would do anything to to gain her favor and advance among the ranks in power.

A good portion of his house’s members have mainly been priestesses, sorcerers, rogues, or fighters. His mother, Gelriina, is a powerful sorceress of House Zaumtor. His father, Aundril, is the second son of Reverend Mother Chessala and is a ruthless and deadly drow warrior. He is currently the Captain of the Guard and Blademaster of house Zaumtor. His older brother Burthrae was as sly and devious as they come, and shown much promise as a spy and diplomat for House Zaumtor. As second-boy of a relatively low ranking house, Shrizyne showed some natural prowess with stealth, but ultimately it was his skill with a blade that determined his training. When he was old enough, his father demanded him to attend the academy where he would become a drow fighter, and be honored as ruthless drow solider as his father had been.

Even though Shrizyne had no problem with killing creatures of evil (such as his kin… with the exception of children), he had a softer heart the most drow, and he tried to avoid killing innocents and children. He often tried to cover up the fact he spared them on numerous occasions. Still, he inherited a certain amount ruthlessness from his race, and this could be seen when dealing with others unfitting to be spared in his eyes (such as those who commit evil acts). As for his more positive feelings, he tried his best to hide them from his peers, but unfortunately some of his family suspected him of his true feelings. When Shrizyne learned of this from his trusted friend T’rissdan Kenghym, he decided to flee before his peers found proof of this… before he could be made an example of.

After much discussion with T’rissdan, he decided to sneak away and start a new life elsewhere, one where he could be happy… without being forced to kill or be killed. T’rissdan had a plan to get Shrizyne out of the Underdark without being suspected by the others, and as far as Shrizyne knows, it seemed it had worked. Without getting futher chance to say goodbye to his friend Shrizyne had started his journey to the surface. It was harder then expected, and after what seemed to be years (it had actually been just over a year) struggling through some dangerous adventures trying to find his way out of the Underdark, he finally found his way to the surface, finding a secret exit in the base of Isgar Pass.

At first he could not tolerate the brightness of the sun, and found it unbearable to be under its harsh rays. Seeing as it was easier for him to sneak in the dark anyways, he became a creature of the night.. only venturing out during the day if it had been dark and overcast. While venturing out during one overcast day, he spotted a very attractive Tindorian wood elf who had come into town to purchase supplies from the local merchant. Curiously, he followed her for a bit, entranced by her beauty. He knew the Tindor Forest well, including where the wood elves had lived, although he almost never wandered there because previously he had run into them and they attacked him on sight being the drow he is. Regardless of that, he trailed her back to her forest home. Along the way, he caught view of a few bandits approaching to ambush her. Since the wood elf Shrizyne followed had really no real way to defend herself from the bandits, against better judgment Shrizyne decided to intervene. Catching them by surprise, he felled one of the bandits quickly… and before he could dispatch the other, he fled into the forest.

At first she had assumed Shrizyne had meant her harm as well, as she had always been told that drow are an evil race. Shrizyne assured her he would not hurt her. The lovely elf maiden was indeed thankful and more then a bit surprised to see that a drow come to her rescue. She decided to give him the chance no one else had, and soon she become a friend to him. She introduced herself as Amavanna Haedel, and to Shrizyne it sounded as beautiful as any flower he had ever seen. They talked the whole rest of the journey back to her village, getting to know one another a bit, but they both wanted to know more about each other. Since Amavanna knew her people would never accept befriending a drow, they had to part ways, but she promised to see him again soon when she could.

As time passed, the both secretly grew very fonder of each other… Amavanna’s family nor village knew of their meetings… and Shrizyne had found love in their friendship, and soon she too would return his feelings. Alas, no secret can be kept forever, and eventually her family found out about their meetings. Wanting to disowned her, they reluctantly showed her mercy and instead just decided to ban her from ever seeing Shrizyne again. This actually did very little to stop them from seeing each other in the future, and soon they where again seeing each other in secret.

A while later while waiting hidden on the outskirts of the village waiting for Amavanna, Shrizyne spotted a large group of humans preparing a raid to attack the Tindorian wood elf village. He stealthily skulked up to the raiders to ease drop on them and find out what exactly what was going on. Unfortunately he did not pick up on who decided to send them, but he could tell they where getting ready to attack, so he quickly ran to warn the elves of the impending danger. By the time he got there part of the attack had already started! He started to frantically look for Amavanna, only to find his love the very moment of being slain by one of the raiders!

He pounced at the raider with his blade drawn. He attacked him, relentlessly striking at him with all his might, until his life had been extinguished. When the raider finally fell, it was too late for his love Amavanna. He scrambled over to her and held Amavanna as she died in his arms, and cried out with grief and anger because she was taken from him. Her family noticed them both, and quickly darted to see what had happened. They were surprised to see him there, and initially they thought he had been the one to kill her. When they saw the tears in his eyes for her, they stopped and thought a moment, and realized he had in fact tried to save her.

Before Amavana’s family could ask him but a question, he picked up his sword and chased after the remaining raiders. He found himself fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Tindorian wood elves, pushing the back raiders back to whatever rock they crawled out from under. Like some force of nature, Shrizyne felled one raider after another, defeating many more the any other there. He proved a valuable warrior in a time of need, and the wood elves where surprised by this.

The attack took its toll, he did not only loose his love, most of the village was burned to the ground. Many others had also lost family members in the fight. To the elves further surprise, Shrizyne offered to help them rebuild their city and to help protect them from any further aggressions, provided he could. That day he started to gain their trust, and the family of his past love grew to understand what she saw in him. Shrizyne had forever changed the way they had thought of drow, as rare as he was among his kin. Obviously he was not at all like most other Drow, and now they all saw him for what he was, a trusted ally.

The Tindori Elves adopted him as one of their own. They saw his prowess with a sword and with his feet, and their warriors offered to train him in their ways, so Shrizyne accepted. Because the Tindorian wood elves usually were active during the day, he was often forced to stay awake and train and hunt during the daylight hours. It was very uncomfortable to him to be in direct sunlight, and it burned at his eyes, but after a long while, his eyes started to adjust a bit. While the blazing sun still burns his eyes, he has learned to now tolerate it, and as such he is no longer affected by the initial shock of bright light. Still, one day he will have to get himself a pair of tinted goggles to combat this, because he still finds it painfully distracting.

While he was out on patrol one night, he spotted yet another group of human raiders, although a bit smaller then the first, preparing yet another attack on nearby elf village. This time he was ready, and with quickness of foot he ran back to his new-founded home and warned them of the impending attack. With Shiryzne’s help, the Tindorian wood elves quickly set up an ambush. When the raiders came to make their attack they had found a trap for them, and had quickly become overwhelmed. After the bandits were defeated, the elves could not fathom why they had been under constant attack as of late, as it had always been peaceful before.

Shrizyne stepped forward, and vowed he would find out who was behind these attacks and to bring justice to his fallen love. So he set out on his own, as a lone scout in search of his enemy. To fund his efforts, he put some trade skills he picked up from the elves to use, making bows, crossbows, and arrows.. which often seemed to sell well in the right cities, especially to guards and adventurers.

Along came a day where a very odd looking tiefling happen to get the better of him. He trusted some of his merchandise to this person so they might show it to the captain of the guards, and thus give him a big contract to make a lot more… he seemed convincing enough at the time, and seemed pretty trustworthy. One thing led to another and the tiefling wound up tricking him out of some of his merchandise and ran off with it. Shrizyne was furious.. but lucky for him, he was already an avid tracker… he picked up his trail on the edge of town. When he found him, he stealthily moved up from behind him and grabbed him with much intimidation, his blade to his throat. Since Shrizyne really didn’t want to kill him, but just wanted his stuff back, he offered him his life if he would just walk away leaving behind the merchandise he had stolen, promising to never be seen again. Reluctantly, the tiefling agreed.

Later on, while in another town trying to sell more of his goods and looking for information who was behind the attacks on his village, Shrizyne was taking a break at a local tavern having a drink. His eyesight is normally very sharp, but after a few drinks he didn’t notice much about this fellow across the tavern, especially because he was shrouded in a cloak with his hood up covering most of his face. Suddenly he recognized his voice. It was the same tiefling who swindled him from before! He leaped to his feet and stumbled over to the other side of the tavern… and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. The tiefling looked up at him, and his eyes widened, at which time they both both leaped up and drew their weapons, ready to attack at a moments notice.

It had just hit them both, they had been a little rash. Not only were they not even suppose to have their weapons on them, they instead had them out and ready to fight… and there, just on the other side of the tavern was a large group of guard getting drunk at a table nearby. The guards leaped up and stumbled over… when they both noticed this, they quickly put their weapons away… and started squabbling with the guards about what had happened. The strange tiefling with his sharp tongue somehow managed to talk the guards down, since nothing, aside from having the weapons on us, had really happened. In fact he blackmailed some of them. He said he would report them to the head of the guard because they were still on duty and where not suppose to be getting drunk… so they let us both go without further incident provided we did not start any fighting.

A funny thing happened… the two of them, mostly drunk, started laughing out loud.. the whole mess of everything was really just ridiculous and Shrizyne figured the both of them were even now since the tiefling had gotten them both out of trouble. Introductions were made, and the tiefling said his name was Zanaver. They had a good drink over the whole thing and talked till the sun came up. When we both sobered up, Zanaver told Shrizyne how surprised that he found him so easy. Zanaver explained, while he was good at manipulating people, he wasn’t good at those other sort of things, such as tracking. They both agreed Shrizyne would make an excellent tracker and bounty hunter, and with that, a new business partner was born. The two of them would become a team of bounty hunters.

Soon, they had started doing mercenary jobs of all sorts, learning about each others unusual pasts and skills, and in doing so, became somewhat of good friends. They always seemed to have a rivalry among them though, one always trying to outdo the other. The day came they had decided to split up for the time being, their long term goals led them down different paths. Shrizyne still had a promise to keep to the wood elves to find who was responsible for the attacks on their village and put a stop to it. So they went on their separate ways, and perhaps they might meet again someday to reminisce of their adventures apart… and perhaps later become better friends when duty wasn’t preventing them from doing so.

And so begins the rest of Shrizyne’s adventures…. (a few months pass since their last meeting).


Shrizyne Zaumtor

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