Rutho Steiggerson

The charismatic and boisterous young leader of Fangwatch


Rutho is a rather awkward looking young half-elf with freckles, a goofy boyish grin and unruly long brown hair. Stil he somehow manages to compensate for his appearance by his quick wit and gregarious personality. And don’t let his looks fool you, he is really a very capable leader whose skill with the bow can only be matched by a handful of others within Darkmoon Vale.


Rutho grew up on the outskirts of Dawnhaven and founded Fangwatch when he was only nineteen years of age. His father had been a logger who was cut down by lycans from the Shadow Pack. It was then that Rutho decided to pour his life into keeping the forest safe for the town which he loved. When young Tablic first came to the Vale, the two became fast friends, but only after they engaged in a brief tussle over some argument they’ve both long since forgotten. When the young druid became the leader of the Greenfire Circle, Rutho introduced him to Ingred Odebar and their famous romance began. Rutho remains close friends with both Tablic and Ingred. In fact, he and Tablic often join together on scouting missions, or forest patrols.



Rutho Steiggerson

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