A sturdy young axe for hire just beginning his career


Redek is short, even by the standards of his own people (best not to bring this up however, as it seems to be a sore point for him). He possesses a bright red beard, which he is ever so proud of, and a set of grim, stubby features. He is more wiry than brawny, but that notwithstanding, he certainly looks as if he knows how to wield his large double headed axe.


Due to his height, Redek was thought of as the runt of his family (he has thirteen siblings and nearly eighty first cousins). Yet after years of being bullied by those taller than himself, Redek developed into somewhat of a scrapper with a chip on his shoulder for tall folk. He joined up with Igladon’s army, spent some time in the southern war effort against Iscalatharn, and then struck out on his own to begin a career as a mercenary within Darkmoon Vale.

Zanaver, Shrizyne and Edmund first encountered Redek in the town of Dawnhaven. They hired him and another mercenary to accompany them on a mission to vanquish the Reaver bandits. Zanaver was so impressed with Redek’s work that he gave him an advance payment in order to keep him on retainer for the next time the party needed the services of a sell sword.




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