Ralla Hebbrandan

The Rouge Lady's single biggest attraction


Ralla is a petite young woman with fiery red hair, gray eyes, pouty lips and an hourglass figure. While undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Darkmoon Vale, Ralla’s loveliness is somewhat muted by her sad tired eyes which appear to be far older than they ought for so young a woman.


Ralla’s parents died when she was just into her teens, leaving her to look after her younger brother Hollin. Even at the tender age of thirteen however the girl had become the object of much unwanted male attention within town, and it wasn’t long before Kabran Bloodeye came calling. At first Ralla resisted Kabran’s offer of a job at The Rough Lady, for her parents had instilled in her the value of chastity. However after the runny-nosed half orc beat up her kid brother and then took it upon himself to forcibly deflower the girl, Ralla gave in to Kabran.

Three years have passed since then and in that time Ralla has become the most popular girl in Kabran’s employ. Ralla found that being a House favorite had its advantages. Not only was she able to earn a slightly better living for her and Hollin, but she was able to avoid some of the more disgusting patrons of the Lady. Due to her popularity, Kabran raised Ralla’s rates so high that only the wealthy clients could afford to purchase the girl’s body. The rest had to satisfy themselves with burlesque dance performances. While it’s certainly not the life that Ralla would have chosen for herself, she’s nevertheless grateful that she’s able to provide for Hollin.



Ralla Hebbrandan

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