Nambrin Quinn

A ex carnival master haunted by guilt and by lost love


Namdrin is a sinewy half-elf of corded muscle and bone, with a long face haunted by loss. His sunken eyes do not fix on any who attempt to speak with him, instead staring off into a distant and fading memory of the happiness that once touched his soul. In desperation, Namdrin struck a bargain with the cold rider, swearing to remain aloof of the fey’s evil designs on his carnival’s patrons in exchange for Tessa’s release from the witch ice shard, her magical prison.


Namdrin Quinn should have amounted to nothing more than a rootless vagabond performer and sometime thief, no doubt destined for a young death and a shallow grave. But love intervened. When a constable named Tessa Kelrand caught the handsome young half-elf robbing a temple, she changed his life forever. Tessa tamed Namdrin—first with her sword, then with her heart. She fell as hard as he after their first clash, and their scandalous affair blossomed into romance. Tessa turned in her badge, Namdrin abandoned his larcenous ways, and the two lovers became adventurers out to make their own fortunes.

With Tessa at his side, Namdrin discovered hitherto untapped wells of courage and skill, and he quickly became an impressive swordsman. The pair’s travels soon brought them to the peril-fraught environs of Darkmoon Vale, where they wagered their lives on one harrowing adventure after another. After their first few journeys, they returned to the lumber boom town of Falcon’s Hollow with sacks of dwarven gold and jewels pilfered from the crumbling strongholds riddling the looming mountain of Droskar’s Crag. Sadly, their success—like their love—was simply too good to last for long. On their return journey through the vale one cold morning in early spring, the dark fey of Darkmoon waylaid the young adventurers and captured Tessa’s soul. And just like that, Namdrin’s love, his life’s redemption, his wife of six years, was simply gone, her body carried off into the darkness of the forest by a horrific shade. Quinn’s heart shattered like a shard of brittle ice, and he returned to Falcon’s Hollow a grim shadow of his former self. He put aside his famed swords and his enchanted crossbow and it seemed he would fade into ignominy.

Fate, however, had other plans. Not long after his wife’s capture, a traveling carnival stopped in Falcon’s Hollow. Driven by a compulsion he is only now beginning to understand, Namdrin joined the troupe of misfits and charlatans and brought a taste of real magic to their act. After only a few short months he ran the whole show, and over the following summer it grew from a mere sideshow into a dizzying array of color and sound that attracted fair-goers from all corners of the Western Baronies. After one show Quinn was approached by a cold grim figure who held aloft a crystal of black ice in which, he claimed, Tessa’s soul had been trapped.

“What price would you be willing to pay to have her returned to you,” came the chill voice of the Cold Rider. The price was terrible indeed. Quinn was given an ultimatum. Either he turned over his carnival to the Cold Rider and his dark fey so that with it they might destroy one by one the Western Baronies, or Tessa’s soul would remain forever imprisoned within the witch shard. In his pain and desperation, Quinn handed over the circus to the Cold Rider and his wicked fey and watched as they gleefully murdered the unsuspecting town of Falcon’s Hollow. Yet when a band known as the Twilight Guard captured the shard, Quinn was jolted out of passivity. He shattered the shard, thus freeing Tessa, and joined the Guard in their quest to defeat the Cold Rider and save the town of Falcon’s Hollow. This they did, but not before a quarter of the town’s population had perished. Once Tessa had recovered and realized the truth of what Quinn had agreed to, she felt nothing but disgust for her husband and so left him. Quinn was left in a state of utter sadness, anger and guilt. Soon after the events of his final Carnival performance had transpired, Quinn simply vanished. His whereabouts are currently unknown.



Nambrin Quinn

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