Ambitious Dragon King of the Truescale Tribe


Merlokrep is a physical paragon of kobolds, and his imposing powerhouse frame belies the usual assumptions about this pathetic reptilian race. The king’s one good eye peers from his skull with a fierce aspect. His regal snout is pierced with a gold nose-ring and his well-groomed ears are also adorned with gold studs. He wears a jeweled skull over his left eye, and an impressive crown upon his head.


The reign of Merlokrep, first of his name, all-mighty Dragon King of the Truescale Kobolds, has suffered misfortune from the day of his coronation. When his consort, Vreggma, slipped on the dais steps and poked out the king’s eye with one of the bristly points of his own crown, he should have known his rule would be ill-starred. But the sturdy resolve that saw him through the murder of his eighteen siblings and cleared his path to the throne did not allow Merlokrep to heed this inauspicious omen. Even when a third of his subjects perished in a haphazard mining excavation to retrieve more “shiny good-good” for his demanding consort, Merlokrep remained undaunted. When the foul “creeping shadows” rose from the dark caves below and withered his finest warriors to skeletal husks, the Dragon King finally took the hint. He gathered his most sycophantic followers and, taking only what they could carry (mostly shiny good-good), they fled up and away from the spreading darkness. Exiled from their comfortable warren on the lower levels, the kobolds now live directly beneath Droskar’s Crucible.

So it was that when the tribe’s forgetful Shaman, Jekajak, prophesied that the tribe would be destroyed unless they washed themselves in the blood of the pink skins-spawn, Merlokrep jumped on the opportunity to kidnap a group of children from Falcon’s Hollow. Unfortunately for the king and his tribe, Merlokrep did not count on the intervention of the Twilight Guard. The Guard slew Merlokrep and most of the other Truescales, thus foiling Merlokrep’s plans for child sacrifice.




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