Luna Aldred

The the courageous golden haired protector of Dawhaven


Luna stands tall high-breasted woman with strawberry blond golden hair, fair skin and light blue-green eyes. She has a slightly muscular build and tends to wear colorful form-fitting garments that show off her figure. Luna caries a long thin white rod crested with a sapphire in one hand, and a long thin silver saber in the other. All in all she is a proud and handsome woman.


A fiery adventurer skilled with both blade and spell, Luna and her adventuring companions, The Azure Guard came to Darkmoon Vale seeking wealth and fame. Mostly wealth. After a few months of intense adventuring however, Luna quite the Azure Guard and returned to Dawnhaven with a bit of gold and a few magic trinkets. Her return coincided with the Night of Silver Blood, however, and in that night she single-handedly held back one whole flank of attacking wherewolves just long enough for the town to defeat the rest of the lupine army. Although Luna fell in battle, Drellen, the Bishop of Dawnhaven, returned her to life the next day. After her death and resurrection, Luna established a local chapter of the Society of Lost Relics in Dawnhaven. While Luna continues to support other adventurers in the area (often through her close friend Karlae Siegfrost’s official capacity), she still frequently leaves town to explore the region, particularly the the Galdroth Ranges.

A plaque dedicated to Luna at the site of her heroic stand and unfortunate fall commemorates the event. Barron Amring has already commissioned a team of local artisans to build a statue depicting her in the midst of battle with werewolves.



Luna Aldred

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