Lerek Vanovier

The stout, amicable proprietor of The Outbacker


Lerek is tall for a Dwarf, and exceedingly round as well. He’s got a long bushy white beard that extends nearly to his heals, and tattoos cover his face and arms. He’s a jovial sort who loves to engage in telling long spirited anecdotes of the exploits of his adventuring days. He also tends to give discounts to first-time adventurers.


Lerek was once a member of the “Delvers”, a band made up entirely of Dwarves who sought to explore some of the city ruins spoken of in the songs of their clans. The Delvers were among the first major wave of explorers in Darkmoon Vale since the founding of the Western Baronies. As such, they managed to unearth several previously unexplored sites, rendering them both rich and famous early in their career. When the Delvers eventually disbanded some thirty odd years ago, Lerek decided to open up a shop that catered to the needs of the occupation he so dearly loved. He has been at it ever since.



Lerek Vanovier

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