A charismatic, cowardly and disgruntled Kobold of theTruescale Tribe.


Kerrdremak is a hunch-backed kobold with dark blue scales. One of his ears is immensely oversized (a birth defect) and droops under the weight of several human finger-bone earrings. These grim trophies jangle obscenely whenever he nods his head.


Kerrdremak, “He who flees and skulks” was never a decorated soldier. In fact, he’d always been what some might call, a “coward”, though Kerrdremak himself preferred the term “shrewd”. The Kobold was all too willing to let his mates do the fighting while he “coached” them from behind. Of course if they fell, then standard procedure for Kerrdremak was to squeal like a little girl and then flee the scene. The Kobold’s unremarkable career within the Truescale Tribe’s militia soon earned Kerrdremak a leading position of “Refuse Collector”. He and several other mediocre specimen of the clan were charged both with patrolling the upper levels of Drosker’s Crucible, and disposing of the waste products of the ecology found there.

Needless to say Kerrdremak was none to pleased with this position, and he began to lead his fellow reptilian runts in bemoaning their unjust lot, and the seeming incompetence of their leader which had all but destroyed the Tribe. That is how the Twilight Guard found him in fact, complaining about the myriad problems facing the tribe. Rather than slay the little peeved whelp, the Guard used his passive aggression to their advantage, convincing him that they had come to rid the Tribe of all of it’s problems. Kerrdremak then offered them information about the Crucible, all the time conjuring up visions of grandeur at the future rewards and promotions that awaited him once the Twilight Guard succeeded in their mission, thanks to the brilliance of one unjustly misunderstood Kobold.




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