Karlae Siegfrost

Advisor to Baron Amring and former leader of the Azure Guard


Karlae is has the long wavy red hair typical of many Caldoranthian lasses. She has fair skin and rather plain unassuming features. While normally quite and reserved, Karlae does have a rather hot temper. She typically wears rather plain garments, usually of various hues of green.


Karlae was the founder and leader of the Azure Guard until their break up a little over a year ago. After the Guard split up, Karlae followed Luna to Dawnhaven and participated in the defense of the town during the Night of the Silver Blood. Since that day Karlae has remained in Dawnhaven, acting as an chief advisor to Barron Amring in all matters magical. In return for a generous monthly stipend and the freedom to conduct research, sometimes requiring her to travel outside the Western Baronies, Karlae helps guard the town and crafts the occasional magic item for the city watch. Karlae always keeps on hand a supply of curative potions and scrolls containing magical formulae both arcane and divine in origin.



Karlae Siegfrost

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