Kabran Bloodeye

The unscrupulous proprietor of The Rouge Lady and leader of The Red Rock Guild


Kabran is a short statured half orc with blood-red eyes. He lost his nose as punishment for numerous criminal activities in Ilogroth, which led him to flee here. He wears a bronze nose-piece over the ugly crater left in the center of his face. As he breaths, it whistles disturbingly and leaks blood and mucous (which Kabran dabs away with a crimson handkerchief).


Of all the despicable souls infesting Falcon’s Hollow, only one competes with corrupt lumber tycoon Thuldrin Kreed for the honor of being the town’s most vile resident: Kabran Bloodeye. Kabran is the master of the Redrock Guild, and his most notorious establishment is The Rouge Lady.a burlesque and gambling hall whose back parlor doubles as an licit brothel. Within this establishment the disgusting half-orc helms many of the town’s more illicit endeavors, but he particularly enjoys peddling the flesh of young women whose husbands or fathers are worked to death in the cutyards. Of course, some of them take more “convincing” than others, but in the end most of falcon’s hollows younger widows end up in his employ. Kabran earns almost as much gold off their sweaty exertions as Kreed rakes in from their husbands’ toil in the yards prior to their demise. It is oft whispered that those who cross Kabran or renege on a guild loan end up on the chopping block in the Lady’s basement.

Recently Kabran met his end at the hands of the Twilight Guard while running a peep show at Quinn’s Carnival. With Kabran gone infighting amongst high-up members of the Redrock Guild has broken out as these members vie to fill Kabran’s shoes.


Kabran Bloodeye

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