Jurin Kreed

A bossy, whiny kid with a big heart starved for attention.


Jurin is a chubby well dressed ten year old who is slow to smile, quick to take anger and often haughty to top it off.


Son of the wealthiest, most powerful, and evilest man in Falcon’s Hollow, Jurin Kreed is a boy of eleven torn between his family and friends. In public, Jurin behaves insufferably, snarling at the other children and threatening to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them if they don’t do everything he says. People wonder why the other children don’t simply avoid the spoiled bully, but Colbrin Jabbs knows the boy has a good heart deep down, and in private would do anything to help his friends. Jurin spends many hours at the Jabbs’s house reading to his son Mikra in the afternoons.

Recently Juran and the rest of the Falcon Knights have gone missing after attempting to stay the night at Elara’s Halfway House.



Jurin Kreed

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