Gilmore Amring

The somewhat bumbling yet immensely popular Baron of Dawnhaven


Gilmore is a tall man in his early 40’s with fair, kindly features. He wardrobe is somewhat flamboyant. He tends to wear white and bright green colored garments frilled with all manner of exaggerated ruffles. While his manner can sometimes seem a bit absent minded, he has a surprisingly keen whit and an healthy sense of humor.


Gilmore Amring is the youngest Baron to rule over Dawnhaven. Moreover he is the first of his line. The former Baron and his ilk were rather unpopular in town and fell one night six years back to an assassin’s blade. Amring, a wizard of no little talent, was promptly appointed Baron of Dawnhaven. Despite his blunders and faux Pas, Amring remains quite popular within town. His rule of Dawnhaven can only be described as laissez-faire, or, as his crticis insist, just plain “laizzez”.

Despite the claims of his critics, and his well deserved “bumbling” reputation, Amring is actually a competent and capable leader. His wise economic policies have placed the town of Dawnhaven on the map, making them the most prosperous town in the Western Baronies. Even his seeming social buffoonery has its advantages: it tends to disarm his critics who underestimate Amring, to their own peril.



Gilmore Amring

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