Gelriina Zaumtor

Mother to Shrizyne Zaumtor and powerful sorceress


Gelriina is a gifted and powerful sorceress of House Zaumtor. She often carries around a powerful magic staff, among other magical trinkets, and wears very light clothing. She is often self adsorbed in herself, seeming almost aloof to those around her. This is because she is very self centered, even so for a drow, and unless any news you bring her concerns her somehow, she cares very little. She is also very arrogant, but not quite so much as her son Burthrae. Many other drow fear her power, even some from higher houses, and she is anything but predictable.

Class: 13th Level Sorceress
Alignment: C/E


Gelriina Zaumtor (her name meaning “ambitious spellcaster”, pronounced Gel-rina) was born and still resides in the drow city of Everhund. She did not feel drawn to becoming a priestess as other powerful drow females do and as such opted to look further into the ancestry of house Zaumtor. In this, she found great power in its demon heritage, and became a powerful sorceress… so much power that in fact she is respected and feared even among some of the higher houses in Everhund.

She took Aundril to be her mate, and together they had two sons, Burthrae and Shrizyne. Between her and her husband, they both became Reverend Mother Chessala’s right and left hands, one a powerful sorceress, the other a deadly drow warrior. She favors Burthrae most between her two sons. Not just because he is firstboy, but because he has shown to be very devious and much more conniving over his brother Shrizyne.



Gelriina Zaumtor

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