A golden haired she-fawn filled with sorrow and hope


Felicity is a petite, curvaceous, fawn with with golden hair, soft fair features and a sprite-like smile. Her deep blue eyes were, up until very recently, filled with mirth and laughter. Now they they swell with sadness.


Felicity once danced before the Nymph Queen, but no longer. Her crystalline voice once poured forth song within the fae courts, but those courts are now silent. For Sylvanus has gone, and with him has gone the Springtime. Winter now fills the Satyr’s heart, and he no longer feels the warmth of his beloved’s kiss. Would she, could she but reach him, the warmth of her love would melt away the ice. But he holds himself apart. And so Felicity waits and prays, and hopes that one day the frost will melt, and her lover shall return.




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