Faelwen Haedel

Lead ranger for the province of Elwood, Wife to Arandur, Mother to Barathon and the late Amavanna


Faelwen had always longed to be one with the forest, and she would protect it diligently to her last breath. True, these qualities are not uncommon in wood elves of Tindor foreset, but she went above and beyond the common desires of most Tindori citizens. She, against the will of her father, trained as a elite ranger of Tindor. For many centuries, she became one of the revered rangers in the Tindor forests defense. During such time, she fell in love with another whom worked with her… her now husband Arandur.

While Arandur had different ambitions then her in the end, for a long while they pushed the edge of the wood elves territories in order to seek out new threats and neutralize them before they could threaten their way of life. Eventually, with threats becoming less and less a problem in a time of mostly peace, the Tindori Wood Elves become relaxed in their defenses… and have allowed her and love to have two children of their own.

Recently one of her children, her beloved Amavanna, perished in an unexpected raid from outsiders. This has enraged her, and she has vowed to never again let the wood elves become relaxed in their forest home, to remain vigilant and destroy and threats as they used to in days past. She even thought of heading out to find and meet the attackers head on, but her duties to her family had kept her from doing so. Instead she has found hope in an unexpected place just as her husband has, in an illegitimate love her daughter had with a Drow that goes by the name of Shrizyne. Now Shrizyne carries her message to the attackers for her, and she has hopes he can track down this threat and inform them of just who is their enemy.

Claass: Ranger
Level: 15




Faelwen Haedel

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