Daeron Haedel

Great Council Member of Evlor’edwen, Brother to Arandur Haedel and uncle to Barathon and the late Amavanna


Daeron is youngest elder of the Tindori Wood Elves… certainly he is very old compared to most wood elves of the Tindor forest, but among the Great Council of Evlor’edwen, he is it’s newest memeber. He has held the position for at least 30 years now, but to the elves, that isn’t a very long time. Still, he has the trust of many of its members and is a strong addition to the council.

He is certainly the wisest of House Haedel and is the older brother to Arandur, who is currently charged with the leadership of the province Elwood. Daeron no longer lives with his family in Elwood, but is an exclusive citizen of the great elven city of Evlor’edwen. Still, he does make regular visits to see his family in Elwood.


Recently, he lost his favorite niece Amavanna in an attack on his old home of Elwood. This has startled him, and caused him to rethink the importance of keeping contact to the world outside of Tindor forest. This thinking is uncommon among the council of Evlor’edwen… the outside races have proven themselves to be unreliable many times in the past, and so they have thought to keep to themselves and keep most strangers at bay. But there was no mistaking it, something had to be done since the blatant invasions into their home have of late become so deadly. For almost a year now, he has fought in to get the council to rethink their ideas about working with outsiders, and in doing so he has won over half of their trust in this matter.

This brings us to a particular Drow elf who had unknowingly to him fallen in love with his niece, and he had only just recently heard of this only weeks before his nieces untimely death. Shrizyne Zaumtor had proven himself an ally to the immediate family members of House Haedel during the attacks. If his brother Arandur felt he trusted this Drow enough to take him in, the so did he. A few weeks after the attack he beckoned for Shrizyne to come to Evlor’edwen to meet with him. After getting to know him a bit, he saw what his niece saw in him, and he told him he was welcome to become part of this community so he could further prove himself to the other Wood Elves yet to trust him. He asked the armies of Evlor’edwen to sanction Shirzyne as a member among them and to train him accordingly. He told Shirzyne that he would call for him when the time was right.

Many months later the council, after much debate, decided that somebody had to be sent out to determine the identity of the attackers. It was time to call upon Shrizyne, as Daeron knew nobody would really want to take up the task of venturing outside the Tindor Forest. He convinced the council that Shrizyne could be trusted enough to truthful report back to them what he had discovered, and at the same time, nobody among the Wood Elves would have to risk venturing out into the outside territories. Besides that, Shrizyne had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he was up to the task. They asked him, as a final test to prove of his loyalties to them, to carry out this task. Shrizyne agreed.



Daeron Haedel

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