A nimble middle aged halfling with a good deal of cunning


Coinbo is a middle aged halfling who stands three feet in height, has a thick mop of graying almond hair and Hazel eyes full of intelligence. While he’s generated a bit of padding along the midriff, he seems none the less nimble for it. Apart from his trusty olive colored traveling coat, Coinbo’s most precious belongings include a beautiful luminiad chain shirt forged by Dwarves, a magical shortsword that radiates blue light whenever Orcs are about, and a curious unadorned golden ring which he carries in his jacket pocket (Hm, does this sound familiar?).


Coinbo grew up along the shores of the Dantalig river. He belonged to that peculiar breed of small riverfolk who never bothered about settling down in any one place for very long. As a ferryman and a skiff captain Coinbo saw a great deal of the northern reaches. The occasional orc raid aside, the little man’s itinerant life seemed rather safe and blissfully simple. Perhaps things for him would have gone on the same as always had not his appetite for adventure been awakened by a traveling group of Dwarves that took passage upon his vessel. The Dwarves spoke of wondrous treasures which lay buried deep within the heights of the Hammodrans (cough, cough Misty Mountains). Long ago the wyrms of Eldernost had carried off a sizable hoard of the treasure of Igladon. The Dwarves were intent on visiting destruction upon one such wyrm (Smog?), but they were in need of the skills of a cunning thief. Always the opportunist, Coinbo seized upon the chance and soon convinced the Dwarves that they need look no further, Coinbo was on the job.

A month and a half a dozen dead dwarves later, Coinbo was a very rich halfling. But riches weren’t enough, Coinbo had tasted the sweet mead of adventure and wanted more of it. Thus it was that he traveled to the Western Baronies in search of another adventuring party to join up with.




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