Baylon Volkner

Fighter, Knight of the Ram


AC 23 HP-80 Fighter/Knight 7th lvl, Weapon Bastard Sword


Baylon is second of four siblings fathered by Lord Governor Duke Dorathon Volkner, who also has the heredity title of Southern Warden by the king of Caldoranth and husband to Catherlyn Merridoth. Baylon’s older brother Seth is being groomed into the political role his father currently holds, which has afforded Baylon a measure of a wonderer’s lust these many years. The city of Etobran has served as Baylon’s home for some time, but he was born in Rennyafell Fords, a small keep protecting the heartland of Duruland Knoll’s, the ancestral home of his mother and its current Lord, Uthor Merridoth the sickly and aged grandfather of Baylon. The Merridoths is a dying house, and Lord Uthor is still morning the loss of his last remaining son, whom died defending the walls of Rennyafell Fords this last spring against the increasing horde of Orcs that march from the Caldroth Tor Mountains to pillage during spring melt. Duty of governorship of Duruland Knolls and its principality will thus fall to Duke Volkner, when Uthor passes, who already is a man possessed by too much responsibility in the city of Etobran.

Baylon Volkner

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