Barathon Haedel

Son of Arandur and Faelwen Haedel, brother to the late Amavanna


Barathon is the older brother to the late Amavanna and son to Arandur and Faelwen. He helps govern the small province of Elwood with his father, which is charged with the defense of Tindor forest and the wood elves that live there. He has always had a fun sarcastic personality, which unfortunately turned to more of a bitter one after the passing of his sister Amavanna. Still, if you find him in a good mood, you can still get the better side of him. He is on the province counsel consisting of 5 members, two of which are him and his father.

Lately he has come to known his sisters formally secret lover Shrizyne… and when he found out he was Drow he very spiteful to him, and protective of his younger sister. At the time of her passing, however, Shrizyne had proven he was not like the rest if his Drow kin, and so Barathon tried his hardest to give him a fair chance. After about six months of getting to know him, he has let of any hate for him, but still resents him a bit for going behind their families back and seeing his sister even after the Haedel family asked him not to.


Barathon Haedel

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