Aundril Zaumtor

Shrizyne Zaumtor's Father, Captain of the Guard and Blademaster of House Zaumtor


Aundril is Reverend Mother Chessala’s second son. He is House Zaumtor’s Blademaster and is unmatched in swordplay throughout his house. In fact, he is well known throughout Everhund for his skills with a blade and military tactics. He is very disciplined, and it shows in the patience he often shows with his family and troops, but be wary because if you ever do wear his patience thin, he will be both cruel and relentless with his punishment.

Class: Level 11 Fighter
Alignment: L/E


As a Prince of House Zaumtor, he had more respect then any other male in House Zaumtor, save for his older brother, and he soon earned a honored status as Blademaster among his peers. While growing up, he graduated with honors from the drow academy and is considered one of the most deadly sword masters in region.

Aundril married the sorceress Gelriina. Even though she was not a priestess, she still held much respect being one of the most gifted sorceress that House Zaumtor has ever seen. With her marriage to him, she took up a position of power, and together they both became Aundril’s mother’s most capable assets. Eventually they had two sons together, Burthrae and Shrizyne. While Burthrae and his treacherous ways quickly become his mother’s pet, Shrizyne was his fathers favorite… well at least at first. Like himself, Shrizyne shown great prowess with a blade, and it made him proud when he finally graduated from the drow academy as a warrior. He took it upon himself to finish the training the academy started, so that Shrizyne may one day follow in his footsteps and become Blademaster to House Zaumtor when his time was at an end.

Shrizyne shown to be more trouble then he was worth at times. Aundril eventually suspected him of disobeying orders given to him to kill their enemies, that he actually was letting some of them secretly live. These suspections were brought to him by his first born son Burthrae. Before either him or Burthrae could confirm their suspections, it seems that Shrizyne had died patrolling the caverns (or so Aundril believes so anyways).



Aundril Zaumtor

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